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X-Elite Pro Sit Stand Deskx-elite pro

Product Name: X-Elite Pro Sit Stand Desk

Price: $299.97

Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Warranty: 30 day no-risk guarantee

Average Amazon Rating: 9.4 out of 10

My Rating: 8 out of 10

About The Creator – StandSteady Overview

Day Martin, the CEO of StandSteady, was always an entrepreneur at heart. After suffering from a slightly debilitating car accident, Day Martin sought out relief from her ongoing back pain by standing at work.

After realizing how expensive and unaffordable most standing desks are, Martin was inspired to build her own. Almost immediately, co-workers and friends began asking Martin where they could purchase her desk that she created. Soon after, Martin decided to venture off by-herself and build her own business.

StandSteady has invested a lot of their time into making quality products that are affordable and effective.

How Does It Work?

The X-Elite Pro Sit Stand Desk is one of the hottest sit-stand desks on the market.

The X-Elite Pro is to be placed right on top of your existing desk. It comes fully assembled, and is ready to be used in a matter of minutes. The desk’s work-area is 24.5 inches long x 16.8 inches wide. The desk is more suited for laptops or smaller monitors.

The desk easily transitions between sitting and standing in a matter of seconds. The desk makes it possible for you to smoothly raise or lower the desk to your preferred height, without any interruptions. The crank is located on the side of the desk, press it to raise the desk, press it and apply a downward force on the desk at the same time to lower the desk – similar to an office chair.

The desk can be dropped to as low as 2.5″ and raised to as high as 16″ in order to accommodate your posture (whether that be sitting or standing).

Who’s It For?

StandSteady makes it possible for the majority of people to be able to afford their products. I have reviewed many desks and I can honestly say that the X-Elite Pro is one of the cheapest. I would recommend this desk to anyone who is suffering from lower back pain, or any posture imbalances caused by sitting at a desk all day.

If you work at a desk all day and are trying to take a step in the right direction when it comes to health, wellness and longevity, this desk could possibly be for you.


  • fully assembled on deliveryx elite pro
  • easily switch between sitting and standing in a matter of seconds
  • air-pump mechanism allows for smooth transitions
  • affordable
  • high quality
  • sturdy
  • ideal for laptops
  • promotes activity and reduces sedentary behaviour


  • only has a 20-pound threshold
  • working space is limited, not ideal for dual monitors
  • doesn’t have a drop-down keyboard tier level like the Pro Plus 36

My Experience

This was one of the very first sit-stand desks that I have ever purchased.

I initially thought of purchasing a sit-stand desk because I was having lower back problems that were being exacerbated from sitting down at my desk. After browsing the internet, I came across the X-Elite Pro Sit-Stand Desk and decided to make the purchase based on how affordable it was and the great reviews it got.

It arrived fully assembled, all I had to do was place it on top of my existing desk and then I was able to start using it.

Within a matter of minutes it was ready to be used!

The crank mechanism on the side makes it really easy to switch between sitting and standing. It works just like a regular office chair height adjuster. To raise the desk you press on the release handle, to lower it, you press on the release handle and add a downward force to the desk. It has an air-pump incorporated into the design which allows for smooth transitions. It is not an “assisted” hydraulic system, so it only helps you when lowering the desk.

If you are worried about the desk scratching your existing surface, don’t be, the base is covered with foam to prevent scratching.

The only negatives that I want to point out are the weight threshold and the limited space. This desk only offers a threshold of 20 pounds, which isn’t much at all! This desk is really only meant to support a single monitor/laptop,keyboard,mouse, and a cup of coffee if that’s what you are into!

Don’t be fooled by the weight limit, the desk is sturdy, well-built and professional-looking.

The Verdict

I am rating the X-Elite Pro Sit Stand Desk an 8 out of 10

X-Elite Pro height adjustable sit stand deskWorking at a desk all day can be very strenuous on the body. Sit-stand desks help promote activity, and good posture. The X-Elite Pro is specifically built to be very affordable for anyone who is working a desk job.

The X-Elite Pro is simple, professional-looking, sturdy, and beyond all of that, it WILL get the job done.

There are some slight restrictions to this desk that I mentioned up above. If you are a person who loves occupying there desk-space with a lot of stuff, this desk may not be for you. The 20 pound weight threshold does put a damper in some things, but it is perfect for people who are just looking to hold a laptop/monitor, keyboard, and a mouse.

I would highly recommend the X-Elite Pro Sit Stand Desk to anyone who is desk-bound all day long.

The return on investment is great!

I hope you all liked my X-Elite Pro Sit-Stand Desk Review!

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