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The amount of desk-bound jobs are becoming a lot more prevalent in this day and age. Working at a desk doesn’t seem like the most physically demanding job, and that is why it’s so dangerous because it sneaks up on you. It is the cultural norm to SIT and work at a desk, but, sitting can be very detrimental to our overall health. Research has proven that sitting can increase our chances of obtaining cardiovascular diseases, weight-gain, and work-related injuries such as a neck, shoulder, back, or wrist strain.

Our bodies were not built to stand, the sitting posture is unnatural for us. Although with this being said, standing doesn’t fix the entire problem either. Life is all about balance, that is why we at recommend investing in a sit-stand desk.

Not all sit-stand desks are going to be the perfect match for you. It is our job to provide you with an analysis of the products in order for you to make a well-informed decision on whether or not to purchase the product.

Without further adieu, the Workrite Solace Review.

Workrite Solace Reviewworkrite solace premium

Reviewed by: Exercise at the Desk

Product Name: Workrite Solace Premium

Price: $659

Best Place to Buy:

Lift Type: Manual

Lifting Capacity: 25 lbs

Warranty: 5-year warranty

Our Rating: 8.2 out of 10


Transform Your Existing-Desk into a Sit-Stand Desk

The Workrite Solace makes it easy for practically any user to transform their existing desk into an ergonomic sit-stand workstation. The Workrite Solace is installed via a desk-mount-clamp that you attach to the back of your desk. The clamp is highly adjustable and the reversible base allows you to form-fit it to any desk – this saves you from purchasing a full-fledged sit-stand desk. The reversible base should be installed on to desks that have 24″ or 30″ deep work surfaces.

Solice Seated positionThe Workrite Solace can adjust up to a height of 22″ off of your original desks height. The keyboard surface adjusts from 7″ below the surface to 18″ above. The Workrite Solace can accommodate the majority of people in both standing and seated positions.

When thinking of one word to describe the Workrite Solace, it would be: “usability”. The Workrite Solace is very user-friendly, there are no buttons to push or levers to squeeze – simply just lift and lower the Solace to your preferred height. It takes minimal effort to adjust the desk.

Solice standing positionThe secondary work surface is also a great little feature of the Workrite Solace sit-stand desk. Rather than having to place your work-materials to the side of you (or somewhere else) you can have everything you want right in-front of you. This prevents you from any twisting and turning motions that may be harmful.

The monitor arm rotates 360 degrees allowing you to view the screens from in angle. Also, if you want to show a co-worker something interesting, all you have to do is rotate the screen in their direction. The single monitor adaptor can support up to one monitor that weighs 5-17 lbs. While the dual monitor adaptor can support two monitors up to 7 lbs each.

The mouse pad that is connected to the keyboard tray can rotate a whole 360 degrees as well. The ability to adjust the positioning of the keyboard and mouse it vital to maintaining proper ergonomic positioning. Most sit-stand desks don’t give you the option to do this.


Some of the Key Additions

To get the best out of the Workite Solace workstation it is recommended that you look-into some of these key additions.

In addition to the standard workstation, you can also opt-in to purchase some of these accessories listed below:

  • Revo Adjustable Keyboard Platform: highly recommended. Allows you to tilt and turn the keyboard separately from the workstation – maximum of 3″ independent vertical adjustability and can rotate 180 degrees. This promotes better ergonomic positioning.
  • Dual Monitor Installation:  Nowadays it is nice to have access to two monitors while you are working. It really helps increase your overall productivity (not to mention, you don’t have to be wasting time scrolling through a ton of different tabs!)

What You Should Know

Assembling products is not fun, lets be honest, this is a downfall of the Workrite Solace workstation. It is pretty complicated to fully install on your own, unlike the Varidesk, or WorkFit-T which requires no assembly at all. All you have to do is simply take them out of the box and place it on your existing desk, and voila! However, these “no-assembly required” desktop-risers are usually not as functional as the clamp-ons, such as the Workrite Solace.

So, all though you may lose in the speed-of-assembly department, you will gain in the overall functionality department.

Also, all though clamp on desks may be convenient to use, they also do limit the amount of workspace that is available. This particular workstation doesn’t give you much real-estate to work with like you would get with other desktop-risers or full-fledges sit-stand desks.

Workrite Solace – The Verdict

workrite solace

The Workrite Solace wouldn’t be complete without a final verdict from our experts.

The Workrite Solace is an efficient and effective way of transforming your original desk into a ergonomically-complete sit-stand workstation. The Solace adjusts to accommodate the majority of people. You are able to tilt and turn your monitors and keyboard tray – which also helps promote proper ergonomic positioning. Although it may not be the easiest station to set up, it sure does get the job done. We highly recommend giving the Workite Solace a shot!

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Workrite Solace

Workrite Solace



    Ease of use









            • - Easy alternative to a full-fledged sit stand desk
            • - Promotes proper ergonomic positioning
            • - Sturdy, well-built
            • - Easily switch between sitting and standing, no buttons, no levers required
            • - Tilt and turn the keyboard/monitor
            • - Mouse pad can rotate 360 degrees
            • - Can accommodate majority of people


            • - Doesn't provide a lot of workspace
            • - Tricky to assemble
            • - Not the most aesthetically-appealing workstation
            • - Pricey

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