Workouts You Can Do at Work – 3 Minute Washroom Workout

Workouts You Can Do at Work – 3 Minute Washroom Workout

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You would be surprised to know that people who actually go to the washroom do not spend most of their time “going to the washroom.”

About 60% of the time, people use the washroom as a place to fit in a quick workout!

When I first heard this fact, I was like “wait, what, no way…”

Well it’s the truth, and when you really think about it, it makes sense, no matter how weird that sounds.

2 birds with one stone

I am a firm believer in working with what you have to get what you want, and not wasting time worrying about what you do not have.

I started recommending my 3 minute washroom workout to my clients.

This what I say, “If you can’t find any time in the day to workout, you might as well have an awesome washroom routine that is quick and easy and keeps you healthy and fit.” Hey! who doesn’t love easy effective workout routines anyways?

And without further ado…

The 3 Minute Washroom Workout

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There is a total of three workouts in this routine. The exercises will be split up into 45 second intervals with a 15 second break at the end of each one to create the grand total of 3 minutes!

1. Washroom Wall-sits

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  • Place your back against a wall/door
  • Make sure that your butt and upper back/shoulders are all touching the wall
  • There should be a little space between the wall and lower back because of the normal curvature of the spine
  • slide your self down until your hips and knees reach 90 degrees
  • at this moment you want to contract your leg muscles and core
  • feet should be hip-width apart
  • make sure to face forward at all times
  • Knees do not come past your toes
  • If rest is needed, just straighten the legs out
  • hands can rest on the wall or on your thighs/hips
  • make sure to breath!

2. Door/Wall Pushup

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  • Lift your arms up to shoulder level and place your hands on the wall/door, place your hands a little further than shoulder width apart
  • Fingers should be facing directly up
  • Situate your feet a couple feet away from the wall
  • The further away you place your feet, the more intense of a workout
  • Slowly inhale as you bend at the elbows and let your forehead come close to the wall
  • Exhale as you push off the wall and contract your chest, triceps, back and shoulder muscles
  • Heels should be lifted off the ground as you are nearing the wall and then placed back down as you fully extend your elbows
  • Core should be engaged during the whole workout

3. The Imaginary Skipping Rope (Hop in the Spot)

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  • Imagine that you have a skipping rope
  • Without the hand motions, start hopping as if you were jumping over a skipping rope
  • The calf muscles will start to burn very quickly
  • In order to increase the intensity of the exercise, jump faster and visa versa to decrease the intensity
  • Only come off the ground about an inch or two, this is not an all out jump, its not about how high, but how many times you hop – want to avoid the pressure on your joints
  • Remember to breath as this one will take a bit of cardio


Wherever You Are

This workout is meant to be convenient for you

Whether you work from home, or at the office, or just have some spare time where you catch yourself going to the washroom. Make this a habit, it is quick,effective and very easy to do

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