WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk Review – Worth it?

WorkFit Sit Stand Review

WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk ReviewWorkFit Sit Stand Review

Product Name: WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk

Price: $373.99

Best Place to Buy:

Warranty: 5-year warranty

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Why Choose a Sit-Stand Desk? Fend Off the “Sitting-Disease”

Welcome to my WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk Review!

By now you probably are aware of all the adverse side-effects that are caused by sitting. Does this sound familiar?; “Sitting is the new smoking” – I’m sure you’ve all heard it before.. So if sitting is the problem, is standing the solution? The simple answer is No. Standing (without moving) for an extended period of time can be just as detrimental to us as sitting.

The solution is simple, try to balance the amount of time spent between sitting and standing. That is why a sit-stand desk is the most appropriate cure to this problem.

Convert Your Existing Desk Into a Sit-Stand Desk

If you are a person who loves avoiding the dreaded assembly of a desk, you will love the WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk. The WorkFit T has no assembly required – simply take it out of the box and place it on top of your existing desk and voila! You are ready to work in either a standing or sitting position within minutes.

The WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk is a thing of sheer beauty. The desk is compact, measuring only 25″ by 35″, making it a perfect fit for narrow desks. It allows you to comfortably fit a couple of monitors, plus a laptop if you so please – there is a perfect amount of space.

The desk also includes a lower separate platform positioned approximately 4″ below the main platform. This platform is built specifically to hold your keyboard and mouse. The 4″ discrepancy between the main level and the lower platform promotes proper ergonomic typing/viewing height.

Stands-out From the CrowdWorkFit Sit Stand Workstation

One standout feature of this desk is that it is very smooth, unlike other desks which have more of a rough consistency (making it tough and annoying to write on). All the edges are nicely rounded to avoid the chances of scraping and to add-to the elegant ergo-contoured design.

The WorkFit T Sit Stand desk uses a similar height adjusting mechanism to that of the Varidesk. It is simple and easy to use, there are two levers that are placed underneath either side of the desk which controls a spring-loaded mechanism. All you have to do is squeeze the levers (takes minimal effort) to release the locking mechanism and you can adjust to any height that you would like. The WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk has 20 different height adjustment settings allowing you to adjust to the perfect ergonomic height for you. The desk adjusts up to a 20″ height and can lift a maximum 35 lbs (pretty standard sit-stand numbers).

The WorkFit T has a 5 year warranty, this tells us that the manufactures believe in their product and that it is built-to-last. You are able to lean on the desk without it even budging.

The WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk is very compact and hardly takes up any space around your workstation because of it’s ability to adjust straight up and down. This is a benefit to anyone who is working in a confined space. Also, because the desk doesn’t swing out, there is no need to adjust your anti-fatigue mat!

The optional monitor kits provide the WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk users with a competitive ergonomic edge. The kit allows you to attach a monitor to an independent ergonomic monitor mount. This is a very unique feature, usually the monitors on sit-stand desks are built-in to the desk and cannot be separately adjusted. You can either choose between a light/heavy duty set up and a single or dual monitor set-up. The light set-up can support up to 16 lbs versus the heavy duty set-up which can support up to 28 lbs. Although this does provide an ergonomic advantage, workspace will be compromised as a result.

WorkFit TThe optional monitor kits are a wonderful addition to the WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk. Now, you don’t have to worry about working in an unnatural, debilitating position –  you can adjust the screen and keyboard to the perfect ergonomic height. No more neck strain, no more wrist strain, and no more feeling like a hunch-back.

The WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk comes with a cable management kit – no more crazy tangled messes! The cable management kit consists of 5 cable ties, 2 adhesive cable clips, and a 20″ long cable sleeve.


A Few Shortcomings…

The WorkFit T Sit Stand Workstation is a great desk, and is one of the best height adjustable sit-stand desks out there.

There are some flaws though…

The lever-locking system could be a lot smoother, and it does make some fairly noticeable clicking sounds when locking.The keyboard tray might be a bit of a hassle if you have a keyboard larger than 9″ or a wrist-rest attachment: this will cause the keyboard to protrude out from the tray. Even though the monitor can be adjusted separately from the entire desk, it does lack the ability to twist side-to-side.

Bang for Your Buck?

In order for this to be a complete WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk Review, we must talk about the money!

The WorkFit Sit Stand Desk is offered at a pretty reasonable price of $374. But, I recommend investing in a monitor kit to ensure you are getting the most out of your desk.  This will add-on another $99 for the single monitor, or $149 for the dual monitor set-up. This is a great investment in the end, it will save you from years of pain caused by improper ergonomics.


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WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk

WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk



    Ease of use













                • - No assembly required
                • - Compact, saves on space
                • - 20 different height adjusting settings
                • - Monitor kit improves ergonomics - able to adjust desk and monitor seperately
                • - Sturdy, well-designed
                • - 5 year warranty
                • - Elegant-looking
                • - Comes with cable management kit
                • - Smooth surfaces
                • - Reduces back pain, and pain caused from prolonged sitting


                • - Not that customizable
                • - Monitor(s) cannot pan side-to-side
                • - Keyboard tray may not be big enough for large keyboards
                • - Cannot lock at any specific height - have to lock at one of the 20 different height settings

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