What is a Beastie Ball? Rumble Roller Beastie Ball Review 2016

rumble roller beastie review

rumble roller beastie reviewProduct: RumbleRoller Beastie
Price: $34.95
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
My Rating: 8.5/10

RumbleRoller – The Creator of the Beastie

Myofascial release techniques and deep tissue massages have been around for a while now. We have always relied on other people to perform these techniques on us. Just recently, this idea of self-myofascial release (SMR) has becoming ever-so popular.

Why wouldn’t it be anyways? It only makes sense. rumble roller ball

I would rather develop the skills and techniques to provide myself with a deep tissue massage at any time I would like, rather than paying money and booking an appointment.

Foam rollers and lacrosse balls have been around for a long time providing us with the ability to perform self-massages, so what is so special about RumbleRoller and their products?

RumbleRoller has taken previous equipment/tools like the foam roller, and the lacrosse ball, and made them better. The trademark behind RumbleRoller is the incorporation of high-profile bumps that experts have developed  to enhance the effects of the deep tissue massage.


What is a Beastie Ball?

One of the newest additions to the RumbleRoller family is the Beastie Ball. If you were going to compare the Beastie Ball to anything, it would have to be the conventional lacrosse ball. The Beastie Ball is like a “lacrosse ball on steroids.”

what is a beastie ball








RumbleRoller took its initial idea of a foam roller with high-profile bumps and applied it to a ball. Making it easier to carry it around anywhere you go, and provide you with a more intense massage on any part of your body.

Sometimes you aren’t able to reach certain spots on the body with the RumbleRoller, or just can’t get a deep enough massage. The Beastie Ball allows for pin-point precision for those hard-to get at muscles.

Just like anything else, there are Pros and Cons to the Beastie Ball

pros and cons








  • ability to reach deep muscles and provide relief
  • versatility – reach almost any part of the body
  • available in 2 firmness levels (clear one is less firm than green)
  • durable, won’t permanently deform after use
  • easy to reposition – still can roll it from spot-to-spot easily
  • waterproof


  • pricey in comparison to a lacrosse ball
  • painful if you are not already experienced or used to other massage balls

Who Could Benefit From Using The Beastie Ball?


Virtually anyone could benefit from using the beastie ball, but I would have to say that it is tailored more to people who consistently workout on a day-to-day basis.

The Beastie Ball provides for a quicker recovery and helps you get rid of tight/sore/stiff spots in the body. I use the analogy and compare the Beastie Ball to a “lacrosse ball on steroids” because of how intense it is.

The Beastie Ball is capable of doing all the things that a conventional massage ball would do, just with an extra “oomph”.


Would I Recommend?

Personally I would recommend a conventional lacrosse ball over the Beastie Ball. It’s not that I don’t think the Beastie Ball is useful, I just don’t really think it is necessary unless you are a seasoned vet of SMR (self-myofascial release).

The price is just too much for 2 of these Beastie Balls, it comes out to be around $35 – $40 for the pair. Whereas you can purchase a lacrosse ball for $4 to 5$. It’s hard to argue with that price!

But.. With that being said, would I buy a Beastie Ball again?

Yes, the Beastie Ball allows me to penetrate deeper within the muscle fascia with pin-point accuracy, unlike the lacrosse ball.

Click here to view the Beastie Ball 

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  • Kavinah

    Reply Reply February 23, 2016

    I like your review of this, we spend a lot of time at our desk these days and we forget that other parts of our bodies need movements for survival.

    I have no experience of using this ball and your review of it has definitely given me something to think about.

    However I would have liked to see your preference ‘lacrosse ball’, explained or you could provide a link to it.


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