Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Review

varidesk pro plus 36

Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Review

Product Name: Varidesk Pro Plus 36varidesk pro plus 36

Price: $395

Item Weight: 52 pounds

Best Place To Buy:

Guarantee: 30 day no-risk guarantee

Warranty: 1 year warranty

Average Amazon Rating: 9.6 out of 10

My Rating: 9 out of 10



Varidesk’s Mission

Before I jump into the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 review, I want to get you acquainted with the owner!

Most of us are aware that sitting for a prolonged period of time is bad for our health. So what is the healthy alternative? Standing? Actually, in fact, standing in one spot all day can be just as detrimental to our health as sitting all day.

Varidesk went through years of fine-tuning in order to be where they are now. As we all know life is a lot about balance. Varidesk incorporated this into their design, making you able to sit or stand in the matter of 3 seconds. Varidesk is all about affordability and simplicity. They made it so that virtually anyone would be able to afford it and operate it.

There goal is to make it easy for anyone to work smarter, work healthier, and perform at their very best.

Varidesk has a ton of different models that will accommodate different set-ups depending on your preference.

In my Varidesk Pro Plus 36 review I will be going over all the need-to-knows about this product so that you can make a properly informed decision whether it’s right for you!

How Does it Work?

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Specifically made for those of us who love to use dual monitors. The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 was made to support up to two displays comfortably (two 24″ monitors). The Pro Plus 36 is height adjustable up to 11 different heights. You can adjust it to the perfect ergonomically correct height. There is also a keyboard tray that lifts with the desk as well.

The desk uses a patented two-handle spring-assisted mechanism that enables you to adjust the desk with minimal effort. The desk comes fully assembled and you can change from a sitting position to a standing position in just a matter of 3 seconds.

***If you are above 6″1, you might want to check out the Varidesk Exec 40 which is specifically made for taller people.***

Who’s it For?

varidesk plus pro

Varidesk is for anyone who works long hours at a desk all day. The Varidesk helps provide a happy balance between the amount of hours spent standing vs sitting.

The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is specifically for people who love having a dual wielded monitor display.


  • fully assembled on delivery – easy to set up
  • can switch from sitting to standing (visa versa) in a matter of 3 seconds
  • easily adjustable to preferable height
  • allows you to achieve correct ergonomic standing position
  • two 24″ monitors can fit side-by-side
  • keyboard tray lifts with desk
  • keyboards space is very big and allows for work on the side if you want
  • place it right on top of your already existing desk
  • looks great, sturdy, easy to use
  • lots of space
  • reduce pain caused by prolonged sitting 
  • corrects posture
  • affordable
  • doesn’t make noise when adjusting heights, so you won’t bother your neighbours!


  • NOT built for people who are above 6″1
  • cannot adjust the keyboard tray separately from the upper level

My Experience

Once I saw this desk I got very excited, so excited that I had to order it. It came on a very timely manner with no damages or nothing. Before this, all I had was a makeshift standing desk.

Once I received the order, I set it up right away on my existing desk. I was amazed at how easy and quick it was to set up. I am only 5’9 so it adjusted perfectly to my liking. I was able to adjust the desk from a sitting position to a standing position with ease. Everything was great, I had no issues whatsoever!

varidesk pro plus reviews

I took a liking to it right away and I have been using it ever since. I suffered from a lot of back pain in my past (herniated disc) and this definitely helped a ton. Within a few weeks of using this desk I feel as though I couldn’t live without it. I feel more energized and I have definitely become more productive because of it.

My only request would be that Varidesk should make it possible to move the keyboard tray separately from the upper part.

The Verdict

I am rating the Varidesk Plus Pro 36 a 9 out of 10 just because I believe that perfection doesn’t exist! (or else I would of gave it a 10 out of 10).

The Plus Pro 36 is all you would ever want in a sit-stand desk. It has style, its simple, sturdy, easy to use, affordable, and it gets the job done. It was specifically designed to fit 2 monitors on the upper level, but I now only use one and have a ton of space left over to fit books, papers, etc.

I would highly recommend this sit stand desk to anyone who spends long hours either sitting or standing at a desk all day. The Varidesk Plus Pro 36 gives balance to your office life. If you are not feeling like sitting you can stand. If you aren’t feeling like standing, you can sit! All this can happen within a matter of 3 seconds thanks to the innovative design!

I hope you all liked my Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Review!

varidesk pro plus 36 height adjustable standing desk

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