Varidesk Exec 40 Review

Varidesk Exec 40 Review

Varidesk Exec 40 ReviewVaridesk exec 40


Product Name: Varidesk Exec 40

Price: $550

Best Place to Buy:

Guarantee: 30 day no-risk guarantee

Warranty: 1 year warranty

My Rating: 9 out of 10


Varidesk Exec 40 Overview

In my Varidesk Exec 40 Review I will be going over all the need-to-knows about this specific product in case you were thinking about making a purchase. Varidesk specializes in making the highest quality sit-stand desks that are easy to use and affordable.

The Varidesk Exec 40 is very similar to the the Varidesk Pro Plus 36, they are almost identical in nature. The Exec 40 is tailored towards all you above average people who are taller than 6 feet.

There was a lot of complaints being filed to the Varidesk company saying that the Pro Plus 36 doesn’t offer a high enough adjustable level in order to fit the needs of a taller person. That is why Varidesk created the Exec 40! The Varidesk Exec 40 is one of the tallest sit-stand desks out on the market.

It is Varidesks mission to help people who are stuck at a desk for the majority of the day achieve an active and healthier lifestyle. The Varidesk Exec 40 makes it so that tall people can also commit to living healthier and active lifestyles.

How Does it Work?

The Exec 40 offers 9 different height adjustment settings which will accommodate people who are 6’1 or taller. The Varidesk sits right on top of your existing desk and comes fully assembled, it takes no time to set up.

The Varidesk Exec 40 allows you to switch between sitting and standing in a matter of seconds. The two-handle spring-loaded mechanism allows you to easily adjust through all the different height settings with minimal effort. The keyboard tray moves with the upper level, you cannot adjust it separately.

The Varidesk Exec 40 has an adequate amount of space on the upper tier level. You can comfortably fit two average size monitors (24″) side by side with a little room left over to spare.

Who’s It For?

The Varidesk Exec 40 is specifically for taller people who work at a desk all day and want to engage in a more active and healthier lifestyle.


  • fully assembled on deliveryvaridesk exec 40 standing desk
  • can switch between sitting and standing in a short period of time
  • easily adjustable with minimal effort
  • accommodates people who are 6’1 or taller
  • allows you to achieve a balance between sitting and standing
  • has a ton of space (can fit two monitors on it with room left to spare)
  • all you have to do is place it right on-top of your existing desk
  • promotes good posture and reduces pain caused from sitting
  • affordable
  • sturdy


  • 45 pound weight limit
  • not made specifically for short people, if you are interested in a that is almost identical to this desk and you are a person of average height, check out the Varidesk Pro Plus 36, it is cheaper!
  • the keyboard tier level is attached to the upper level. You cannot move one without moving the other

My Experience

I have not actually had any experience with this desk because I am not a very tall person! I did purchase the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 desk which is basically the Varidesk Exec 4o for shorter people.

However, my dad is a taller-than-average person (6’2), and he did purchase this desk. I of course had to question him all about it! Generally it takes a decent amount of time for someone to accustomed to using a sit-stand desk, but my dad was all over this one. He was hooked almost immediately.

He loved how it arrived fully assembled and all he had to do was set it on top of his desk in his office. He continues to rave about this product on a day-to-day basis.

Refer to my review on the Varidesk Pro Plus 36!

The Verdict

I am rating the Varidesk Exec 40 a 9 out of 10.varidesk exec 40 reviews

Being a tall person is sometimes hard, especially when you are trying to find the optimal sit-stand desk. If you are a taller person who is looking to find a sit-stand desk, the Exec 40 is perfect for you. It is all you would ever want in a sit-stand desk. It is easy to use, easy to set up, sturdy, spacious, sleek-looking, and beyond all of that, it gets the job done.

***Not to mention, it encourages good posture and activity!

I would highly recommend the Varidesk Exec 40 to anyone who spends long hours sitting at the desk all day. The Varidesk Exec 40 is a great investment and will help bring more balance to your life!

I hope you all liked my Varidesk Exec 40 Review!

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