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Welcome to the Variable Balans Review.

Calling all desk-bound people, I’m sure all of you have experienced some of the aches and pains that the terrible sitting position brings-about. As humans, we were not meant to sit, it is totally unnatural. Sitting puts unwanted pressure on our lower back, increasing the chances of disc herniations and chronic lower-back pain. Also, sitting induces the awful hump-back posture and ends up creating a whole bunch of problems; neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist/arm pain, and so on.

There is only so much damage that our bodies can handle on a daily-basis. That is why ergonomic experts have been creating alternative solutions to hopefully one-day break the sitting culture. There are a ton of different ergonomic sitting alternatives; leaning stools, kneeling chairs, ergonomic chairs, etc. Sometimes it can be hard choosing the correct one. It is our job here at Exercise at the Desk to provide a thorough analysis on everything ergonomic-alike in order for you to make an informed decision.

Without further adieu, the Variable Balans Review

Variable Balans ReviewVariable balans reviews

Product Name: Variable Balans

Price: $408

Best Place to Buy:

Warranty:  Limited – only cover manufacturing defects, does not
cover normal wear and tear or defects caused by exposure to sunlight.
7 years guarantee against fabrication faults on wooden parts.
5 years guarantee against fabrication fault on mechanism
3 years guarantee on upholstery and foam

Available In: Red, avio, green, black, grey, blue

User Rating: 8 out of 10


Start Kneeling with the Variable Balans

The problem with the standard chairs that we are all accustomed to is the 90 degree postural angle that it forces our bodies into. The 90 degree angle creates a destructive closed-hip posture, putting tons of pressure on our lower back and spine. Sitting causes our hip-flexors to remain in a shortened-state for a long period of time. The shortened hip-flexors pull on our pelvis and create an “anterior pelvic tilt”. The anterior pelvic tilt forces a lot of pressure through the lower back – resulting in a ton of lower back pain. Also, our glutes and abdominals are not activated when sitting down (these are the muscles that help keep our pelvis and spine in order).

The Varier Variable Balans creates an open-hip angle and encourages our spine to form a healthy s-curve. Also, breathing and circulation improves almost instantly when kneeling down on the Variable Balans.

The Variable Balans rocking motion allows you to remain active while you work. The Variable Balans kind of imitates an old-school granny chair, one of those chairs used for knitting! The Variable Balans will adjust to the movement of your body and it has an optional back support just incase you want to lean back into it. You do have the option to alternate between a normal sitting position and the ergonomic open-hip kneeling position.

Who Should Use It?Varier Variable Balans

The Variable Balans was specifically designed for people who work long hours in a sitting position. It was made in an ergonomic-fashion to help cure lower-back pain – it is also known to increase productivity.

However, the Variable Balans does not accommodate everyone. If you are between the height range of 5″2 and 6″1 you are golden, but if you are outside this range, you are out of luck. This is different from most ergonomic chairs – they usually have an adjustability option (This is a huge set-back for the Variable Balans). But, luckily Varier has created another chair similar to the Variable Balans – called the Variable Wing Balans; it is completely adjustable; it just is a little more expensive.

This chair will help you work for longer periods of time without having to take breaks because of pain. No need to worry about any back-pain!

Because the Variable Balans is unconventional, it will take some time getting used to it. Generally it takes around one-to-two weeks to get used to the Variable Balans. Also, you must have a height -adjustable desk in order for this kneeling chair to be practical. You won’t be able to use this chair with a normal desk.


The Variable Balans Review – The Verdict

Varier Variable Balans ReviewThe Variable Balans Review wouldn’t be complete without a verdict from our experts.

The overall user-rating was a solid 8 out of 10 for the Variable Balans kneeling-chair.

The Variable Balans does promote a healthier working position compared to the destructive sitting posture. The Variable Balans helps your body form an open-hip posture and a natural s-curve of the spine. Also, while sitting is a completely sedentary behaviour, the Variable Balans is not. The Variable Balans kneeling chair helps endorse an active work environment due to the subtle rocking motions that it generates. As it rocks you back and forth, you are forced to engage your core muscles to help stabilize yourself.

There are some major set backs to the Variable Balans. The Variable Balans can only accommodate people who are in the height range of 5″2 to 6″1 – no-one beyond these specifications should be purchasing this kneeling chair. Also, with that being said, another major down-fall is the fact that the Variable Balans doesn’t have a adjustability option.

However, the kneeling chair promotes a healthy, active working posture, and is affordable.

If you are someone who is struggling from lower back pain and needs a healthy alternative, the Variable Balans would be perfect for you.

Hopefully you learned something from the Variable Balans Review.

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Variable Balans

Variable Balans



    Ease of use









            • - Promotes healthy s-curve
            • - Relieves people of chronic lower back pain
            • - Healthy alternative to sitting
            • - Affordable
            • - Work back pain-free
            • - Increases activity
            • - Relieves pressure on the spine
            • - Creates open-hip angle
            • - Increases the amount of time you are able to spend working without taking a break
            • - Comfy


            • - Non-adjustable
            • - Only accommodates people who are between the height range of 5

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