Transcendesk Sit-Stand Desk Review

transcendesk sit stand desk

Transcendesk Sit-Stand Desk Reviewtranscendesk sit stand desk

Product Name: Transcendesk Single Level Sit-Stand Desk 55″ width

Price: $499.96

Best Place to Buy:

Guarantee: 30-day return policy

My Rating: 7.5 out of 10


Product Name: Transcendesk Dual Level Sit-Stand Desk 47″ widthTranscendesk standing desk

Price: $549.99

Best Place to Buy:

Guarantee: 30-day return policy

My Rating: 8 out of 10


Who is StandSteady?

StandSteady is a Virginia-based company, founded by Day Martin in 2012. After being the victim of a minor car accident, Martin was left suffering with chronic back pain. She was no longer able to sit down at her desk because it caused too much pain.

Martin started exploring alternatives to sitting down at a desk all day. She finally came across standup desks. Unenthusiastic about the price of most standing desks, Martin tapped into her inner-entrepreneur and decided to invent her own – and so, StandSteady was formed.

StandSteady initially only made desks that could be placed on top of your existing desk. Not until recently have they broadened their horizons and started building full-sized sit-stand desks.

StandSteady is a certified woman-owned small business renowned for making highly-effective and affordable desks.

Transcendesk Sit-Stand Desk Overview

Like briefly mentioned above, StandSteady really only started making full-sized sit-stand desks just recently. Before, they specialized in making half-desks that set up on top of your existing desk (this is where the name StandSteady originated from).

StandSteady currently offers two types of full-sized sit-stand desks:

The only difference between these two desks, is the number of levels and the width of the desk. The single-level desk offers a larger area workspace with a 55″ width, compared to the 47″ width of the dual-level desk.

How Does It Work?

The Transcendesk models are stand-alone desks (replaces your existing desk). The desk itself does not come fully assembled, but it only took me around 20 minutes to get it set up and ready to be used.

The Transcendesk accommodates both sitting and standing, and you can adjust the height in order to meet your specific needs (via the crank mechanism on the side). Space is not an issue with these desks, there is more than enough room to comfortably fit dual monitors, keyboard, mouse, accessories, plus more.

The single-tiered desk is height adjustable from 29″ to 46″ whereas the dual-tiered desk is height adjustable from 28″ to 43″. The split top dual-tiered desk design creates more of an ergonomically correct workspace than the single-tiered desk. Both of these desks are coated and built sturdily to increase the overall longevity of the desks.

Who’s It For?

We all know now that sitting can be detrimental to our health. Sit-stand desks were designed to offset the damage that is acquired from sedentary behaviour. Sit-stand desks not only allow us to be more active at the desk, they protect us from the harmful side-effects of prolonged sitting, and increase our overall health.

StandSteady specifically designed the transcendesks to make it possible for anyone to be able to afford a high quality sit-stand desk. Transcendesks are for anyone who works long hours at a desk, who are looking to optimize their time spent at the office.


  • affordabletranscendesk height adjustable sit stand desk
  • allows you to easily switch between sitting and standing
  • has a ton of workspace available (can fit two monitors on it, plus more!)
  • sturdy, well-designed
  • promotes activity and reduces sedentary behaviour
  • increases overall health and wellness
  • effective
  • crank can mount onto either side
  • designed for ergonomic comfort


  • needs to be assembled
  • cranking-mechanism takes a while to adjust the height settings
  • not the most spiffy-looking desk

My Experience

I purchased the Transcendesk dual level sit-stand desk and I don’t have too many negative things to say about it (which is good!). The desk smoothly transitions between sitting and standing by the use of a crank. This crank mechanism is not the quickest height-adjuster, but it does get the job done nevertheless.

I like the fact that this desk is affordable compared to other companies sit-stand desks. This desk is not the most professional-looking desk, but it is simple-looking. I also like the fact that it offers a surplus of workspace.

The Verdict

I am rating the Transcendesk Single Level Sit-Stand desk a 7.5 out of 10.

I am rating the Transcendesk Dual Level Sit-Stand desk an 8 out of 10.transcendesk

This minor discrepancy between the rating of the desks is just due to the difference in levels that the dual level desk offers.

The Transcendesk will ultimately get the job done! It is sturdy, easy to use, easy to set up, and simple-looking. This desk would be a great introduction-desk for someone who is not super familiar with sit-stand desks. I would recommend this desk as a starter-desk for people who are transitioning to sit-stand desks.

The Transcendesks are a great investment and will end up increasing your productivity and optimizing your time spent at the desk.

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