Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk Review

Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk

Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk

Product Name: Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up DeskThermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk

Price: $719

Best Place to Buy:

Guarantee: 30-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Warranty: Lifetime on steel frame, 5 years on everything else

My Rating: 8 out of 10

The Most Customizable Sit Stand Desk on The MarketiMovR

iMovR, the creator of the Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk, is one of the newest manufactures of adjustable-height desks. Despite being relatively new to the specific niche of adjustable desks, iMovR has already branded themselves as a “power-house” amongst the rest of their competition.

The Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk is one of the latest additions to the iMovR family, and it has already been ranked number one under their mid tier products! The desk is affordable, sturdy, properly ergonomically engineered, and offers a ton of customizability.

Mid Tier = bracket of adjustable-height desks that fall in-between a price range of $700-$1100.


Just What Makes the Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk So Special?

There are two specific features that make this desk stand-out amongst the rest of the height-adjustable desks:

  1. Customizability
    • nine different desktop dimensions ranging from 42″ to 83″ wide
    • eleven standard tabletop colors (plus another 60+ custom colors)
    • two base colors
    • two different desk thicknesses available (3/4″ thickness or 1.123″ thickness)
    • also an option list that offers a ton of different accessories that you can have mounted on (power nodes, cell phone chargers, dual monitors, keyboard tray, etc)
  2. How Quiet the Desk is
    • quietest desk i’ve ever tested
    • under 41 decibels, most mid-tier electric desks generate between 60-80 decibels
    • quieter than some top-tier electric desks

Adjustable-Height Base

The base of a desk is of utmost importance when it comes to any height-adjustable workplace. The buyer should always ensure that the desk consists of a strong, stable base before making any purchase. The adjustable-height base of the Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk can reach 50″ high.

When you increase the height of any structure, stability is always compromised as a result. To ensure that the desk is still stable when it is fully extended, iMovR has made it optional to order 4″ extenders (ironic, isn’t it?). Yes, the desk will now have the ability to gain 4 more inches of height, but, these legs attach between the base of the desk and the legs, making the desk a lot more stable when fully extended.

The 4″ extenders make it possible for people who like to walk while they work, fit a treadmill under the desk.

It’s All About the Stats!

When it comes down to it, it’s all about the stats.

Lifting Capacityadjustable height electrick desk

The Uptown desks’ motor has the capacity to lift a whopping 360 lbs. No other two-legged adjustable height-desk in the mid-tier, with the exception of the Electra and Uprise, have the ability to do this.

I know what you are probably thinking “when am I ever going to have 360 lbs of stuff on my desk?”. You are right, there are not many circumstances where you are going to have to rely on the desks 360 lbs lifting power. But, this goes to show that the manufacturers are confident in their product!

This is why they have such a great warranty on the desk, because they believe in their product (refer to warranty at the start of the page).

Desk’s Travel Speed and Dampening Features

The desk has a travel speed around 1.5″ per second, which is a tiny bit better than other mid-tier products out on the market.

You will most-likely never see a desk like this in the price range of $700-$1100 with an acceleration and deceleration dampening feature. This is one of the best features about this desk, it allows for smooth height-adjustments which will help you avoid the terrible disaster of a coffee spillage! (unlike other desks).

The Wide Array of Different Tabletop Sizes

Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk widthsiMovR has two-different bases to accommodate such a wide array of tabletop sizes. The UpStage 30N (narrow) is used to support the 42″, 47″ and 59″ tops, while the UpStage 30W (wide) is used to support the 72″ and 83″ tops.

For those ambitious people who are thinking about building a trio (sit-stand-walk) workstation, the UpStage 30W with a 72″ or 83″ top will be more than adequate to fit a full-sized treadmill and a chair, side-by-side.


The Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk offers two different thicknesses.

iMovR usually offers thin (3/4″) for their less-expensive units and thick (1-1/8″) for their higher cost units. This is the first time that iMovR has made it possible to choose between either the thick or thin thickness for a single desk line.

Customizability Galoreimovr sit stand desk colours

This is what makes this desk so awesome! You have the ability to choose between 11 different standard finishes and a ton of different shapes and sizes.

There is also the option to have a whole whack of different outlets/accessories installed to the top of your desk. You have the choice to have a monitor or keyboard installed and also if you would like, you can make it mobile and put your desk on wheels!

Built to Last

Each desk is covered with a 3D laminate that wraps around the entire desk covering every inch of space to increase the longevity of the desk.

The laminate prohibits water or any sort of liquid/moisture from entering in and degrading the wood. It was built to be able to endure the worst of beatings. The laminate protects against most kinds of physical and chemical damage. This is why iMovR has placed a 5-year warranty on the tabletop because of how resilient it is.

Who’s It For?

This desk can supportThermodesk uptown sit stand desk with treadmill the needs of almost anyone. The amount of customizability that is offered allows you to make it as personalizable as possible.

With the Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk, you can either sit, stand or walk (provided that you have an under-the-desk treadmill!). The desk is ergo-contoured (meaning that it has rounded edges) to protect you against scrapes or any kind of negative bodily encounter with the desk.

The desk can be used in a variety of different settings; office space, conference, at-home office, etc.

Height-adjustable desks are built to help increase activity and decrease overall sedentary behaviour. Whether you spend lots of time at the desk at home, or at the office, or behind a computer screen somewhere else… Height adjustable desks will help optimize your current lifestyle!

My Experience

I have always been a big fan of electrically-automated height-adjustable desks. I also have a history of chronic lower back-pain, and so I have constantly been on the search for the perfect desk that will remedy the pain.

The Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk arrived in a timely manner, with no dings, scratches or anything. It took a decent amount of time to set up, around a couple hours or so.

The desk works great, I ordered the Upstage 30W with a 83″ top, it fits my treadmill and office chair perfectly side-by-side with room to spare! It adjusts smoothly (without sloshing around my coffee) because of the acceleration and deceleration dampening feature – I love this feature. It also adjusts to my optimal standing and sitting height!

I do not really care too much for the quietness of the desk (a little bit of sound has never really affected me), but some people may like this feature.


If you are looking for a desk that can do it all, the Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk might just be the right one for you! The amount of customizability is incredible, it’s as if you are building the desk, without actually having to build the desk! The only downfall is that the add-ons will add up, and this can make for a very expensive purchase.

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Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk

Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk



    Ease of use







          • - Very Customizable
          • - Makes Minimal Sound
          • - Ergo-contoured
          • - Acceleration/Deceleration Dampening Feauture
          • - Extraordinary Lifting Capacity
          • - Sturdy
          • - Great Height-Adjusting Range
          • - Promotes Activity


          • - Add-Ons Can Be Pricey

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