ThermoDesk Elite Review

Thermodesk elite review

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” 95 percent of adults are not meeting the daily requirements of 30 minutes of moderate activity a day”WHO.

Human beings were designed to move, on the contrary, we were not designed to be strapped to a chair 8 hours a day. Research has proven that spending too much time in a seated position can have detrimental effects on your overall health – I’m sure many of you desk-bound warriors can already attest to this.

Without further adieu, the ThermoDesk Elite Review

ThermoDesk Elite ReviewThermodesk elite review

Reviewed by: Exercise at the Desk

Product Name: ThermoDesk Elite

Price: as low as $999

Best Place to Buy:

Lift Type: Electric

Warranty: Lifetime on frame, 10 years on moving parts,
5 years on electronics and table top

Our Rating: 8 out of 10

The objective of the ThermoDesk Elite Review is to provide you with enough knowledge about the product in order for you to make a informed decision on whether or not to buy the product.


Goliath Amongst iMovR Products

The ThermoDesk Elite wasn’t built in one day – it is the result of a lot of tampering around/trial and error. The goal of this desk was to try and find the perfect balance between all the great desks in – and they did just that.

The ThermoDesk Elite is capable of lifting 220 lbs with ease, while maintaining the silence of a mouse. This is all made possible by the dual bosh motors that are installed and used to lift the desk. The motors also allow for a quick transit speed of 1.5″ per second! The desk has the ability to remember 4 programmable presets. So, if you have found a preferred height for sitting, standing, walking, etc, you can “lock” these settings and then all you have to do is press one button to switch between the presets.

themodesk elite sit stand deskThe electric lifting mechanism allows for smooth transitions between sitting,
standing or walking – unlike manual/gas-assisted lifting mechanisms which are usually jerky.

Not happy with the size of the desk? Not to worry, the telescoping frame allows you to fit any of the offered tabletop sizes on top! You have the choice to pick between a 30 x 48, 30 x 60, 30 x 72, or a 30 x 83 tabletop. There is an abundance of colours to choose from as well.

Thinking about setting up a treadmill and chair side-by-side? It is recommended that you choose a 72″ or 83″ tabletop configuration, these sizes will easily accommodate a sit-stand-walk workstation. The tabletop is also 1-1/8″ thick, making it very durable and sturdy.

This desk is nearly suitable for people of all heights, it can raise up to a height of 50.5″ or if you purchase the height extenders, 54.5″.


Signature 3D-Laminated Top

The 3D-laminated tabletop is arguably the most important feature of this desk.

While most manufactures are satisfied with using cheap materials to build their tabletop, iMovR prides themselves on creating the highest quality tabletop. Most manufacturers are happy with gluing pressed-down synthetic laminate onto particle board – these desktops will not last long; they also have squared-off edges which are not ergonomically-friendly or user-friendly.

iMovR has really set the standards high.

thermodesk eliteiMovR uses a process called 3D lamination to ensure a high quality tabletop (it puts the cherry on-top). Picture wrapping every inch of your desk in laminate – it completely seals the top, edges, grommet holes, with super durable laminate. This process is what sets the ThermoDesk Elite apart from it’s competition. The 3D laminate protects against most kinds of damage; water damage, physical damage, chemical cleaners, coffee spills, etc. The laminate also creates rounded ergo-contoured edges that helps provide a more user-friendly experience – in comparison to the rough squared-off edges of most tabletops.

***The 3D laminate makes it look like the desk was carved from a single piece of wood.


Great for the Office

The ThermoDesk Elite is a great addition to your office. Not only is it a sit-stand-walk workstation, it’s the most superior complete-workstation out there on the market! And you don’t have to worry about interrupting your co-workers either – This desk is so quiet that it just blends in with the ambient noises of the office.

If you choose to go with the larger sized desks’, there is an adequate amount of space to fit you, plus a co-worker (if that’s what you wanted to do).


Making Assembly Easy..

Lets be honest, assembling stuff can be real annoying and tedious – and most height-adjustable sit stand desks are…

iMovR has made assembly and disassembly really easy in order to increase the longevity of the desk. Recessed nuts are installed making it very easy to detach and reattach the tabletop to the base of the desk. No more messy drilling, no more cleaning up. All you need for this desk is a phillips screwdriver and a hex key and voila!

Mounting units on to height-adjustable desks is a trick thing to do. You have to drill the holes, line them up, and so forth. Once again, iMovR has made it easy for the user – holes have been pre-drilled to allow for the attachment of accessory items like a retractable keyboard tray – all Thermodesk’s have this feature.


The Undeniable CustomizationThermodesk elite 83

iMovR gives you a ton of different options in order to customize your desk in a way that suits you.

You can pick between a ton of different standard colours, for example here are a few of the many: Clove Mahogany, Light Maple, Hayward Cherry, Shaker Cherry, and so on…

Grommet holes come on every ELITE desk, they allow for the installation of dual-mounter power sockets – just incase you want a charging station available for you to use at any time (saves you the trouble of bending down and searching through all the wires to clear up a free outlet!).

Retractable keyboard trays that come attached with fully-adjustable mouse platforms are available for purchase as well. Keyboard trays that allow you to vertical adjust/tilt them are very beneficial and highly recommended. The keyboard tray is connected to the desk via a 21.75″ rail. This rail allows for easy horizontal adjustments and when you no longer need to use the keyboard tray, the swiveling mechanism allows you to just simply tuck it away.

Monitor arms are always recommended. Why? Because they help instill proper ergonomic positioning when walking, sitting, or standing. It is always a good investment when you are investing in your own health.

The desk can reach a maximum height of 50.5″ and can accommodate people up to 6’6″. But, if that isn’t enough, you have the option to purchase 4″  leg extensions to increase the overall size of the desk to 54.5″! The leg extensions do add a substantial amount of height to the desk, but they also help increase the stability.

You also have the choice to put your desk on wheels. This is a great idea for people who love to rearrange their office, or do a lot of moving around. The wheels can also lock in position to negate the chances of any accidents from happening.

There are many more accessories that you can add to this desk. We listed the most popular ones according user-reviews. Click here if you are interested in seeing all of the possible add-ons.


ThermoDesk Elite Review – The Verdict

The ThermoDesk Elite Review wouldn’t be complete without a final verdict from our experts.

Often times it is hard to find a perfect desk that is suitable for all your needs – that’s just the truth. After a bunch of research and tampering around with ideas, iMovR has done their best to come up with a complete sit-stand desk. Not to mention, there is a ton of ways to personalize the desk.

The ThermoDesk ultimately gets the job done, and gets it done right. It is sturdy, well-built, quiet, aesthetically-appealing and durable. It also allows you to sit-stand or walk while in an ideal ergonomic position.

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ThermoDesk Elite Review




    Ease of use










              Customer Experience



                • - Sturdy
                • - Quiet
                • - Durable
                • - 3D laminate that infuses the whole desk to protect against most kinds of damage
                • - Good-looking
                • - Accommodate people of any height
                • - Sit, stand or walk
                • - Very customizable
                • - Ergonomically correct
                • - Great lifting capacity


                • - There isn't many
                • - May be a little too pricey
                • - Lifting capacity could be better?

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