Standing Versus Sitting Work

Sitting versus standing

“It’s only a desk job, It can’t be hurting me at all.”

This is a huge misconception, the desk job that you don’t think is physically taxing is actually wreaking havoc on your body. Human beings were not meant to be sitting, so it is to no surprise that there are adverse side effects that come along with it. Have you ever wondered why our feet and hands are tough and our butts are soft. It’s an interesting thought isn’t it… It’s because we were not meant to sit!  Sitting has been so engrained into our daily lives, it is now apart of our culture. 

We sit more than you think: whether its driving to work, sitting down to eat, checking our emails, working, sitting down at tim’s for a coffee, watching T.V. We just cant get away from it! But we can try to reduce the amount of time we are glued to our butts.


Why sitting is bad for you

1. Slows down metabolism (decreases amount of calorie expenditure)
2. Increases blood pressure
3. Increases body fat
4. Muscles become weak and complacent/lazy
5. Increases cholesterol levels
6. Leads to back pain (increases chance of disc herniations)
7. Brain function decreases (blood flow to brain decreases)
8. Stores stress within the body
9. Have stiff joints after sitting
10. Results in pain basically everywhere in the body (shoulders, neck, wrists, back, etc.)
11. Leads to poor posture


Sitting is killing you

Do you have lower back pain from sitting at work?

When we sit down our hip flexors  (muscles located at the front of the pelvis) tighten and shorten. Simultaneously our hamstrings and glutes (butt muscles) relax and stretch out. Also if we don’t have a “good sitting posture” our muscles of our neck/shoulder/spine also are effected negatively and add to the hunchback look.

If we remain in this position for a long time, hours upon hours throughout the day it starts to destroy our body. The pattern becomes integrated into our brain and then when we go to stand, it is as if we are still stuck in this sitting position. If we make sitting for a long period of time a habit, our body gets accustomed to it. So now that when we stand or glutes and hamstrings are still not activated and they are responsible for keeping our hips in-line and maintaining a straight spine.

I’m not trying to give you an ultimatum, I am just trying to get across the point that we should be more conscious of how long we spend sitting each day. It’s really harder said then done, just like anything in life. Personally, I love sitting but I try to make a conscious effort to spend more time standing.

Jobs do put a lot of pressure on us to sit down, especially for those of us who are working at a desk all day long and I understand that. There are ways that we can limit the amount of sitting during the day and ways to prevent the effects of sitting. The benefits on our health of standing at work as opposed to sitting is just incredible.

Standing Workstations

There are many different standing workstations that you can purchase if you want. Sometimes they are fairly pricey so you just might want avoid buying one and make a makeshift standing table instead. Thats what I did!
makeshift standing desk

The great thing about it is you can make your standing desk out of almost anything. So there is no excuse, if there is a will there is a way.

So how do we know where to position our desk and monitor in order to achieve the optimal standing posture. Good thing technology is so awesome and we have everything we need to know at the power of our fingers.

There is a site called that allows you to position your keyboard and monitor at the right place based on your height.
Workstation setup


Remember it all starts with a few tiny steps in the right direction. So the next time you decide to sit down, make a conscious effort to get up periodically!

Let me know what you guys think! We can beat this epidemic by standing together!

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