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Rebel Up 2000

Welcome to the Rebel Up 2000 Review.

Standup desks are being preferred over traditional desks where a person has to sit in a chair to use properly. This is because a lot of research is being carried out regarding the negative effects that sitting down has on your body. Sitting down for hours gives your body a bad posture. It also decreases the metabolic rate, and leads to back and neck pains. It even increases blood pressure. The Rebel Up 2000 desk allows you to change its height so you can comfortably stand in order to do your work. You can also lessen the height if you prefer sitting down and taking a break.

The Rebel Up 2000 is different from other sit-stand desks due to the fact that it is manual rather than electronic. In order to change the height of the desk you will have to turn a crank. This allows you to put in more effort, and move your body rather than just sitting around. It also comes with a built-in charging station that makes it stand out from the rest of the similar products available.

Without further adieu, the Rebel Up 2000

Rebel Up 2000Rebel Up 2000 Review

Reviewed By: Exercise at the Desk

Product Name: Rebel Up 2000

Price: $499

Best Place to Buy:

Lift Type: Manual Crank

Desktop Size: 48” Wide and 28” Deep

Warranty: 5-year warranty on desk and component parts

User Rating: 7.9 out of 10


Good Quality at an Affordable Price

The manufacturer of the Rebel Up 2000 realizes how important it is to deliver quality to the customers. That is what you can see from the overall design of the product. The Rebel Up 2000 is an affordable standing desk that won’t make you worry about the quality.

It will only cost you $499 along with free shipping. The desk also comes with bonus features that other manufacturers will make you pay extra for. The desk is also suitable for a person who happens to be over six feet tall. The frame is customizable. The make of the table is very sturdy, and you can be rest assured that is has been built to last a very long time.


The Assembly

When you order the Rebel Up 2000 you will receive it in two packages. None of the packages are heavy so you can easily move them around and start assembling the table where you want. All of the parts will be included in the packages so, you won’t have to worry about paying for additional accessories or parts you might need.

The package includes a 48-inch laminated desktop, the frame and telescoping legs, the mechanism for the crank, and a whole bunch of screws and Allen wrenches. Depending on how good you are at assembling stuff you should end up with an amazing looking desk in about half an hour. There aren’t complex parts for you to make sense of so, you won’t feel stressed out after you have assembled the Rebel Up 2000.


The Crank System

Rebel Up 2000 reviewsAs mentioned before, the Rebel Up 2000 is a manual kind of standing desk. It is different from the electric ones because it makes use of a crank in order to adjust the height. The crank is quite sturdy and firm. When not in use it folds under the desk. The crank might take some time getting used to but after you have given it a few tries you will be able to use it more efficiently in order to adjust the desk to the height you prefer.


The Features

While the Rebel Up 2000 itself is an amazing piece of furniture to have in your house, and to make your body feel healthier, it also comes with a lot of other features. One of the best features that this product has is the presence of a charging station. The charging station is located beneath the rear of the desk. The station contains two USB ports and two power sockets. The desk also takes care of all the cables you might have lying around due to its built-in cable management features. The desk has cord trays. There is also an adjustable grommet meant for holding computer cables.

The cable management system and the charging system add value to the already affordable Rebel Up 2000 standing desk. It can be a hassle trying to untangle all of the cables behind the desk. At least through the cable management system you can ensure a neater working space. The USB charging system also adds to the quality of the desk. It is always a good thing to have your devices near you when they are charging. No one likes walking to the other side of the room in order to see whether or not a smartphone has charged itself, to check a text message, or to attend a call. The Rebel Up 2000 desk makes sure that you have everything in comfortable reach.

While the 48-inched desktop might feel a bit small at first, the desk is more than capable of accommodating a PC, keyboard, smartphone, an e-reader, a coffee mug, and more.


Manual vs. Digital

Rebel Up 2000The Rebel Up 2000 does have one drawback and that has to do with the crank system. While the crank works smoothly it takes more time to adjust the height compared to the electric version of such desks. In order for you to raise the desk by half an inch you will have to give the crank one complete rotation. This can be a problem if more than one person uses the desk, and you have to keep rotating the crank to get that ‘perfect’ height you had before.

It is advised that you should remember how many rotations are required for the preferred height if you or someone else changes the previous setting of the table.You might also experience a slight wobble if you happen to raise the height of the desk to maximum. It isn’t something to be alarmed about but it can cause a bit of discomfort, or cause a coffee mug to fall over, if someone bumps hard into the desk.


Rebel Up 2000 – The Verdict

In the end, the Rebel Up 2000 is an affordable standing up desk that offers you quality and some neat little features that add value to the current price tag. While the crank system is a disadvantage, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to the Rebel Up 2000.

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Rebel Up 2000

Rebel Up 2000



    Ease of use









            • - Affordable
            • - Effective
            • - Promotes Proper Ergonomic Positioning
            • - Easy to Assemble
            • - Promotes Activity


            • - Manual-adjustment
            • - Could have a better weight-holding capacity
            • - Not the most stylish-looking desk

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