ThermoDesk Elite Review

Thermodesk elite review

Welcome to the ThermoDesk Elite Review. ” 95 percent of adults are not meeting the daily requirements of 30 minutes of moderate activity a day” – WHO. Human beings were designed to move, on the contrary, we were not designed to be strapped to a chair 8 hours a day. Research has proven that spending…

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Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk Review – “Hop” on a Standing Workstation Today!

Kangaroo sit stand workstation review

Welcome to the Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk Review Research is beginning to open up our eyes on all the possible negative side-effects that are caused from prolonged sitting. It just so happens that humans were not built to withstand long hours of sitting down at a desk… Who would’ve known?! As of recently, people have named this…

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Varidesk Cube Corner 48 Review | Cubicles, Corners, and Compact Spaces

Varidesk Cube Corner 48 reviewss

Welcome to the Varidesk Cube Corner 48 Review. By now, we all know that sitting can be detrimental to our health. So, what is the solution you might ask? Standing? No. In fact, standing (in one spot) all day long can be just as bad for our health. That is why height adjustable desks are becoming…

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Focal Upright Locus Workstation Review – Fight Against Sitting

focal locus bundle pro

Welcome to the Focal Upright Locus Workstation Review. The age of sitting is amongst us all – we must fight against it. Desk-bound jobs are becoming more prevalent, increasing the amount of sedentary behaviour. Our bodies were not built to handle a ton of sitting. The sad fact is… Sitting is slowly killing us. But,…

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Omega Everest Review – Reaching Peak Performance

omega everest review

Welcome to My Omega Everest Review! Since you are here, looking at my Omega Everest review, I assume you all know about some of the possible negative side-effects of excessive sitting – but just incase you are uneducated on the subject, I wanted to provide you with a general overview. Sitting is unnatural, our bodies weren’t built…

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WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk Review – Worth it?

WorkFit Sit Stand Review

WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk Review Product Name: WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk Price: $373.99 Best Place to Buy: Warranty: 5-year warranty My Rating: 8.5 out of 10 Why Choose a Sit-Stand Desk? Fend Off the “Sitting-Disease” Welcome to my WorkFit T Sit Stand Desk Review! By now you probably are aware of all the adverse side-effects that…

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Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk Review

Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk

Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk Product Name: Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk Price: $719 Best Place to Buy: Guarantee: 30-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Warranty: Lifetime on steel frame, 5 years on everything else My Rating: 8 out of 10 The Most Customizable Sit Stand Desk on The Market iMovR, the creator of the Thermodesk Uptown Stand Up Desk, is one of the newest…

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Transcendesk Sit-Stand Desk Review

transcendesk sit stand desk

Transcendesk Sit-Stand Desk Review Product Name: Transcendesk Single Level Sit-Stand Desk 55″ width Price: $499.96 Best Place to Buy: Guarantee: 30-day return policy My Rating: 7.5 out of 10   Product Name: Transcendesk Dual Level Sit-Stand Desk 47″ width Price: $549.99 Best Place to Buy: Guarantee: 30-day return policy My Rating: 8 out of 10   Who is…

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X-Elite Pro Sit Stand Desk

X Elite Pro

X-Elite Pro Sit Stand Desk Product Name: X-Elite Pro Sit Stand Desk Price: $299.97 Best Place to Buy: Warranty: 30 day no-risk guarantee Average Amazon Rating: 9.4 out of 10 My Rating: 8 out of 10 About The Creator – StandSteady Overview Day Martin, the CEO of StandSteady, was always an entrepreneur at heart. After suffering from a slightly debilitating…

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Varidesk Pro Desk 60 Darkwood Review

Varidesk Pro Desk 60 Hardwood

Varidesk Pro Desk 60 Darkwood Review Product Name: Varidesk Pro Desk 60 Darkwood Price: $795 Best Place to Buy: Guarantee: 30 day no-risk guarantee Warranty: 1 year warranty My Rating: 7.5 out of 10 Varidesk Pro Desk 60 Darkwood Overview In my Varidesk Pro Desk 60 Darkwood review I will be providing you with all the ins and…

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