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omega everest review

Welcome to My Omega Everest Review!

Since you are here, looking at my Omega Everest review, I assume you all know about some of the possible negative side-effects of excessive sitting – but just incase you are uneducated on the subject, I wanted to provide you with a general overview. Sitting is unnatural, our bodies weren’t built to withstand 8-10 hours of sitting per day. Prolonged sitting compromises our health; our metabolic processes shut down and the improper seated posture causes our body to slowly breakdown – leading to lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, etc.

Desk-bound jobs are becoming more prevalent as we transition from the industrial era, to the technological era. Desk jobs are not going anywhere fast – we must learn how to optimize our workplace! There are tons of different types of desks out there, it isn’t a really one-size fits all kind of thing. It’s all about personal preference, so don’t worry if this desk does not appeal to you. It is my job to provide you with a high-quality review on products such as this one; so if you were thinking about making a purchase, you would be making an informed decision.

Without further ado..

Omega Everest Review
omega everest electric

Product: Omega Everest

Price: $1,274

Best Place to Buy:

Warranty:  Lifetime warranty on steel frame, 10 years on moving parts, 5 years on tabletop, 5 years on electronics

Shipping: Ships within 5 – 6 business days via freight carrier

Lift type: Electric

Transit Speed: 1.5″ per second

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Superior Ergonomic Advantage

The Omega Everest is a complete sit-stand-walk workstation that offers a huge ergonomic advantage over it’s competitors.

Proper positioning of hands on a keyboard is a “must” in order to avoid obtaining a repetitive strain injury (RSI). Conventional sit-stand-walk desks don’t really seem to pay much attention to the placement/engineering of the keyboard tray (even though it is vital for our wrists health!). The majority of people experience a lot of challenges when trying to learn how to walk/stand and type at the same time. Users (newbies especially) tend to suffer from a series of RSI’s located mostly in their shoulders, necks, wrists, or forearms.

Walking and typing is not an easy skill to learn in the first place. It is our natural instinct to press down on the keyboard and grasp it tightly when walking – we do this in order to maintain stability and hand-position over the keyboard while the treadmill tries to push us away. The constant clenching of the keyboard tray is a recipe for disaster and will eventually lead to some chronic injury issues (like carpal tunnel, rotator cuff injuries, destructive posture, etc).

So what’s the point?.. I thought these desks were supposed to be helping us improve our health?


omega everest keyboardNot so fast.. The solution is finding a desk with an adjustable keyboard. The adjustable keyboard allows you to type and walk/stand in an ergonomically correct fashion. Regular adjustable keyboards have a natural negative-tilt (backend of the keyboard is tilted downwards). The negative-tilt establishes more of a neutral-wrist angle, reducing the amount of extension in the wrists (harmful postural position). The problem with conventional adjustable keyboard trays is that they are costly and difficult to install. Once they are installed, they usually hang off the front of the desk forcing the users body to be pushed further away from his/her desk. These keyboard trays can only adjust from a negative tilt angle of -15 to a positive tilt of +5. Also, a big drawback about these keyboard trays is the fact that they tend to make the desk wobble when typing or holding onto them.

This is why the Omega Everest stands-out amongst ordinary sit-stand-walk desks. The Omega Everest has a unique adjustable ergonomic keyboard tray that is integrated right into the desk itself (refer to picture above). The keyboard tray is attached to a pivot bar underneath, which allows it to tilt 90 degrees in either direction. To tighten or loosen the keyboard tray, simply adjust the knobs on the underside of the tray. The keyboard does a great job of decreasing the amount of instability while using the desk. No wobble, no interference, and no chance of carpal tunnel!

They have patented the name of this integrated adjustable keyboard tray; calling it the SteadyType. The SteadyType keyboard tray measures 19.5″ by 10.5″, welcoming just about any size of keyboard. Instead of pressing down onto the keyboard tray (to try and maintain position and decrease instability) – users can anchor themselves while also keeping a neutral wrist angle. The tray was specifically designed to reduce shakiness and incorrect ergonomic hand positioning.

Reaching the Peak with the Omega Everest

The Omega Everest is fairly easy to assemble and install – but if you are not a fan of doing either of these things, there is an option to have the desk pre-assembled on delivery (this will cost you an extra chunk of change).

The base of the Omega Everest is composed of two lifting columns, each column has it’s own motor. These electrical motors are responsible for the height-adjustment of the desk. The two columns are connected by a width-adjustable crossbar. The crossbar is adjustable in order to accommodate the different sizes of tabletops that are offered with this desk. Attaching the tabletop section to the base is pretty easy, it’s all a matter of alignment. There is no drilling required; recessed insert nuts and easy-insert screws are provided to make it easier for you. You have the option to position your electric height-adjustable controller either on the left side, right side, or in the middle.

iMovR uses a signature 3D lamination process to encase most of it’s desks to prevent against moisture damage (and in this case, the SteadyType keyboard tray is covered as well). The perimeter of the tabletops are ergo-contoured – the rounded edges provide users with a more comfortable tabletop in comparison to standard height adjustable desks that are rough and ridged. The Omega Everest tabletops are sturdy; measuring 1.125″ thick. The electrical base has a quick transit speed of about 1.5″ per second. The tabletop itself can withstand a monstrous 220 lbs and is pretty silent during raising/lowering.

Omega everest electrical height adjusting deskIn order to adjust the desk, you can either press the up button to ascend, or the down button to descend. You also have the option to make and save up to 4 preset heights. This will allow you to switch between either sitting, standing, or walking with just one press of a button.

The Omega Everest can reach up to a whopping 50.5″ making it tall enough for anyone to use. The electric stand up desk is available in widths of 48″, 60″, 72″ and 83″ – each tabletop is 30″ in length. The keyboard tray is positioned in the centre on the smaller-width desks. On the bigger models, you have the choice of placing the keyboard either on the left or right. For the biggest model, the 83″ width model, you have the choice of the dual-tray (one keyboard on the left, and one on the right).

The 48″ width desk only comes with one accessory hole. Whereas the other larger sizes come with two accessory holes. Like the tabletop, the accessory holes are also wrapped in 3D laminate to protect against damage and provide a smooth-rounded finish.

iMovR’s Customizability – Making it Your Own

iMovR is all about customizability – giving you the ability to make any desk as personalized as possible. Yes, The key standout feature of this desk is it’s infinitely adjustable SteadyType keyboard that allows you to achieve optimal ergonomic positioning in the three different postures; sitting, walking, and standing. But, every iMovR customer has the choice of purchasing a ton of different add-ons.

Warning: it can be very pricey to keep adding-on to the desk.

Some of the customizability options include:

  • Mounted power outlets: ideal for users who want to plugin their laptop, phone, or any other accessories
  • Monitor arm: gives you the ability to adjust the monitor to the perfect ergonomic height. Can either purchase a single monitor or dual monitor.
  • Anti-fatigue mat: reduces the chances of feet fatigue
  • Cable management kit
  • Height extension: increases overall height by 4″
  • Put your desk on wheels
  • Treadmill bundle
  • Logo engraving option
  • Custom and standard finishing options: 11 standard finishes and more than 50 custom finishes

Who’s It For? Is It Worth it?

The Omega Everest Review wouldn’t be complete without a final verdict, so here it goes!

I had a great time testing out the Omega Everest electric height adjustable desk. Anyone who works long hours at a desk job can benefit from a desk like this. However, I believe this desk is more tailored toward people who plan on standing and walking at the desk. The signature keyboard tray was specifically built to help promote proper ergonomics while walking or standing. I personally loved the fact that I could transition between either sitting, standing, and walking in a matter of seconds – literally.

One downside of this desk is that the integrated keyboard cutout takes up some potential workspace. So, if you like writing/having a lot of room to spread all your papers around – you might want to look at a different desk.

Once again, it’s all about preference. This desk can do it all, but it is a little bit on the pricey side. I hope my Omega Everest Review was informative, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Omega Everest

Omega Everest



    Ease of use













                • - Sturdy
                • - Unique ergonomic adjustable keyboard cutout
                • - Electrically height adjustable
                • - Sit, stand or walk
                • - Covered with 3D laminate to protect against damage
                • - Adjust to accommodate most people (including very tall people)
                • - 4 preset programmable height adjusting settings
                • - Available in 4 different widths
                • - Great warranty
                • - Very customizable


                • - Keyboard tray takes up potential workspace
                • - A little bit on the pricey side of the sit-stand-walk desk spectrum

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