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The evidence is clear: sitting for a long period of time is harmful. Sitting promotes improper postural positions which cause the body to compensate – inevitably leaving us with physical imbalances and chronic-pain later in life. Also, not only does sitting effect us physically, it can effect our physiology; making us more susceptible to weight gain, cardiovascular disease, decreased cognitive functioning, and so on.

Our bodies were not built to withstand long hours of sitting-down at a desk. That is why sit-stand desks are such a hot commodity right now. They promote activity and proper ergonomic positioning and reduce the amount of time spent sitting down at your desk.

Without further adieu, the Multitable Mod-e

Multitable Mod-e ReviewMultitable Mod e

Product Name: Multitable Mod-e

Price: $669 and FREE shipping

Best Place to Buy:

Lift Type: Electric

Lifting Capacity: 250 lbs

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty, and 30-day no risk guarantee

User Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Multitable Mod-e Overview

When it comes to manual adjustable-crank sit-stand desks, Multitable is a seasoned veteran. Multitable’s manual adjustable-height desks were very popular amongst all their other competition. Not until early 2013 did Multitable decide to “get with the present” and start manufacturing electric sit-stand desks – and in doing so, they created the Mod-e. For a while, the Multitable Mod-e was also very popular amongst all other electric sit-stand desks.

They were the first ones who provided a desk with a width telescoping ability (can adjust the base of the desk in order to accommodate different tabletop sizes) at an affordable price. But as time passed, Multitable once again forgot to “get with the times” and refused to upgrade. Now, electric sit-stand desks have surpassed the capabilities of the Multiable Mod-e, leaving it in the dust.

There are a lot of desks out there on the market that are; quieter, more durable, stronger, etc.

Adjustability of the Multitable Mod-e

The Multitable Mod-e base can accommodate a variety of different sized tabletops, ranging from 24″x40″ up to a 29″x 72″ tabletop. This is all made possible by the telescoping ability. Although there is some room to play around with, the base doesn’t adjust far enough to turn the desk into a full-fledged sit-stand-walk workstation like some of the newer models out there today (Omega, Elite,Multitable Mod e base Uptown, etc.)

The base of the Multitable Mod-e can be purchased separately from
the tabletop. This gives you the choice to find another tabletop sold somewhere else (like Ikea, or Wal-Mart) and attach it to the Multitable Mod-e base. Although you can do this, we wouldn’t recommend it. A lot of the times when you try to save money this way, it usually comes right back at you and ends up costing you more.

There is really no need to purchase the base separately from the tabletop. Multitable offers 32 possible combinations of color, and the tabletop will definitely fit the base of the desk a lot better than some random tabletop. The only reason that might make you possibly do this, is if Multitable doesn’t provide you with the correct tabletop color to match your surroundings.

The Multitable Mod-e is designed in the same fashion as the original Multitable crank-adjustment desks – but now it consists of an electric motor so you don’t have to spend time cranking up the desk. The transit speed of this desk is really quick in comparison to most electric height-adjustable desks; adjusts at a whopping 2″ per second. This is one of the fastest desks that we have ever tested out here at Exercise at the Desk.

If it’s too good to be true, it usually is. The speed of the desk is one of those things, yes, it might move tremendously fast, but it is also very, very noisy. It registers at over 75 dB, which is loud in comparison to some desks out there on the market.

The Multitable Mod-e will protect against morning coffee spillage, it has a built-in “easy-start/stop” mechanism that allows the desk to transition smoothly between sitting and standing.

The Multitable Mod-e has the ability to adjust from 27.5″ to a height of 47.5″ which can accommodate most people.

The VerdictMultitable Mod e review

The Mod-e height-adjustable desk wouldn’t be complete without the final verdict from our experts.

The Mod-e isn’t the flashiest sit-stand desk, but it is simple and does get the job done. The desk can accommodate most people of various heights, it provides options to either increase or decrease the tabletop size – this is made possible by the telescoping legs.

The Mod-e is the fastest desk we have ever tested to this date, moving at a phenomenal speed of 2″ per second. The speed comes with a cost though, it is very noisy when adjusting the desk.

When it comes down to it, the Multitable is a pretty plain desk. At a price of $669, it is not a bad starter desk! Any upgrade to a sit-stand desk is a good upgrade! It will decrease the chances of enduring a work-related injury (such as a strain or chronic pain) and it will help increase productivity, activity, correct ergonomic posture, and fun!

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Multitable Mod-e

Multitable Mod-e



    Ease of use









            • - Affordable
            • - Fast Adjustment Speed
            • - Variety of Tabletop Sizes Offered
            • - Variety of Colors Offered
            • - Can Purchase Base Seperately
            • - Promotes Correct Ergonomic Positioning
            • - Promotes Activity
            • - Reduces Time Spent Sitting


            • - Not Aesthetically-Appealing
            • - Plain
            • - Noisy
            • - Not Very Durable
            • - Not Very High Quality

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