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Kangaroo sit stand workstation review

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Research is beginning to open up our eyes on all the possible negative side-effects that are caused from prolonged sitting. It just so happens that humans were not built to withstand long hours of sitting down at a desk… Who would’ve known?! As of recently, people have named this up-and-coming epidemic as the “sitting-disease”. The “sitting-disease” has been associated as being the root-cause of a ton of different ailments and disabilities.

For instance, sitting for an extended period of time has been proven to increase the risk of work-related muscle strains/imbalances. Many places/people are recognizing the various benefits of sit-stand workstations which allow you to easily switch between sitting and standing. Desktop-risers are gaining popularity because of how easy and affordable they are, in comparison to full-fledged height adjustable desks.

Without further adieu… The Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk Review!

Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk ReviewKangaroo Sit Stand Desk Review

Reviewed By: Exercise at the Desk

Product Name: Kangaroo Pro

Price: $499

Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Lift Type: Gas-assisted manual lift

Warranty: 5 years for steel frame, and 2 years for the rest

Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Take a Leap and Switch to a Kangaroo Desktop-Riser

Desktop-risers, which convert your existing desk into a sit-stand desk, are an easy alternative to full-fledged height adjustable desks. Even though these desks are easy to set up/use and are decently cost effective, they do come with their disadvantages. One of the pitfalls of these desktop-risers is the obvious lack of workspace. Also, they usually lack stability in comparison to the very sturdy full-size sit-stand desks – this sometimes creates an annoying wobble when you are typing or working away.

Learn How to Use the Kangaroo Desktop-Riser in the Video Provided Below

The Kangaroo Sit-Stand Desk is an Exception Amongst the Others

The Ergo-driven Kangaroo desktop-riser is very popular amongst all the other desktop-risers, and for good reason. The desktop-riser is very customizable and provides you with the choice of optional add-ons that you can purchase in order to increase the amount of workspace and stability. The way that the kangaroo sit-stand desk deals with the stability issue is quite innovative.

The assembly of this desk is fairly quick and simple, but if you are a person who likes to avoid these kinds of things – you can opt to get the desk fully-assembled on delivery. Once installed, you are one step closer to being more productive and healthier, while at work!

Built Like a Kangaroo?

The Kangaroo is specifically optimized for cubicles and corner desks. The trapezoidal shape makes for an easy-fit for corners. The base of the desk takes up a minimal amount of real-estate, so you can still utilize most of your original desk’s space.  The Kangaroo’s 28″ x 24″ workspace give you an adequate amount of space to work with.

The steel frame is sturdy and provides the desk with some extra stability – the base of the kangaroo is made out of non-scratch material so you are able to move it around as you please.

The standout feature of the Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk is the adjustability.

The 16″ height adjustment range allows users of basically any height to work comfortably while either sitting or standing. Also, the adjustment column (which is located on the back of the unit) is not a nuisance when operating the desk. The Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk comes fully equipped with adjustable VESA monitor mounts which are highly recommended if you wish to work ergonomically. Most desktop-riser monitors are fixed in place and don’t allow you to adjust the monitor independently of the desk – this is a big no no. In order to obtain proper posture when working at a desk, you must be able to adjust the space between your keyboard and monitor. If the desktop-riser doesn’t allow you to do this – you are going to be in a world of hurting!

The Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk adjustable monitor helps protect your body against wrist, neck, and shoulder strains. The 34 lbs lifting capacity of the Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk is pretty impressive. Most users are not going to need this kind of lifting power, but it just goes to show how sturdy and reliable this product really is.

In order to avoid the common instability issues of desktop-risers, the Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk provides an optional adjustable stabilization leg that you can prop underneath the front of the work-surface. The only downside of this stability-leg is that it adds an extra step to the adjustment process, and it’s kind of ugly.. But it does get the job done better than most desktop-risers on the market.

The Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk can accommodate people up to 6’5″. If you are taller than that, not to worry, you can purchase a separate keyboard riser that will fulfill your needs.

Meet the Kangaroo Family | Which One Would You Choose?

dual kangaroo reviewThere a ton of different Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk models offered. Each model is built in the same way, but they add-in their own little twist. Most users choose to purchase the original Kangaroo Pro – it’s simple, easy to use, equipped, and is a very-well designed product. The Pro models come equipped with a VESA mount for your monitors; which swivel and provide you with a sturdier connection than the standard monitor mounting unit. Kangaroo Jr’s are smaller, lighter and consequently can’t carry as much weight as their other family members.

Also, for all you high-tech people out there, the Electric Kangaroo is one of the newest additions to the Kangaroo family (and it’s a force to be reckoned with – max carrying capacity = 150 lbs!).

You can choose from the different options listed below:

Kangaroo Model Worksurface Mounting Option Price
Kangaroo Elite 28” x 24” Dual  VESA Mounts $599
Kangaroo Pro 28” x 24” Single VESA Mount $499
Kangaroo Pro Jr. 24” x 18” Single VESA Mount $399
Dual Kangaroo 28” x 24” Dual Laptop Surfaces $599
Kangaroo 28” x 24” Single Laptop Surface $499
Kangaroo Jr. 24” x 18 Single Laptop Surface $399
Hybrid Kangaroo 28” x 24” Side by Side VESA Mount and Laptop Surface $599


MyMac Kangaroo 28” x 24” Designed for iMac (27”) or Cinema Display (27”) $499
MyMac Kangaroo Pro 28” x 24” Designed for iMac (24”, 27”) or Cinema Display (24”, 27”, 30”) $549


Some Additions to the Kangaroo Family

These accessories that Ergo Desktop have provided are great, but not mandatory by any means. You can choose to increase the amount of work-surface by purchasing detachable panels that connect to either side of the existing work-surface. Each of the panels are 11.5″ square, and will add a substantial amount of area to your work-surface. Also, you have the choice to add a keyboard extensor to your desk-top riser to provide you with a little more room for typing.

**You are provided with one stabilizer leg, but extra stabilizer legs can be purchased as-well***

Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk Review – The Verdict

ergo desktop kangaroo

The Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk Review wouldn’t be complete without the final verdict from our experts.

In general, desktop-risers have provided users with a quick and easy way to avoid the wretched crippling effects of the “sitting-
disease”. It is usually as simple as placing the desktop-riser right on top of your existing desk, and voila, you now have a fully-functioning sit-stand desk… Almost.

There are some serious flaws pertaining to most desktop-risers; stability is an issue in most, the desk tends to wobble and shake when you are typing. Also, ergonomically speaking, most desktop-risers are poorly made.

The Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk series has remedied these 2 fatal flaws by incorporating highly adjustable ergonomic monitor mounts and stabilizer-legs. No longer will you have to worry about muscle aches due to poor posture. No longer will you be frustrated by the desks’ wobble when typing.

The Kangaroo Pro is definitely one of the best, if not, THE best desktop-riser out there.


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Kangaroo Pro

Kangaroo Pro



    Ease of use










              Customer Experience



                • - Sturdy
                • - Stable
                • - Increases productivity, overall well-being and fun
                • - Promotes proper ergonomic positioning
                • - Accommodates people of all heights
                • - Easily switch between sitting and standing
                • - Increase activity
                • - Decreases back pain
                • - Affordable
                • - Customizable


                • - Adjusting the stabilizer leg can be a nuisance
                • - Not the best-looking desk

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