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Ikea Bekant Desk Review

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Research has been done and the results are in. Sitting still for a prolonged period of time is bad for you, no question about it. Humans were not built to withstand 8-10 hours of sitting-down a day, it’s just unnatural. Sitting has proven to be so destructive that people have coined the term “sitting disease”.

So how can we stop this from becoming an epidemic? Simple, sit less, move more. That is why Sit-stand desks are highly recommended, they increase the amount of activity throughout the work day while also endorsing proper posture.

Without further adieu, the Ikea Bekant Desk Review.

Ikea Bekant Desk ReviewIkea Bekant Desk Reviews

Product Name: Ikea Bekant Desk

Price: $774.95

Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Lift-Type: Electric

Dimensions: 63″ x 31.5″ / Height ranges from 22″ to 48″

Lifting Capacity: 154 lbs

Warranty: 10 years

User Rating: 5.5 out of 10


Good Ol’ Ikea

Ikea is a world-renown company known for selling medium-to-low grade products at a very affordable price. Ikea’s products are not particularly snazzy-looking by any means, but they do get the job done. With Ikea, you are never paying top dollar, so don’t expect to get top-dollar products!

Being that Ikea is known to be cheap, you would figure that the Ikea Bekant Desk must be cheaply made as well..

Ikea Bekant Desk Review – The Overview

The Ikea Bekant is a sit-stand desk; meaning that you can adjust it between a sitting and standing position. It is motorized, so adjusting it is as easy as pressing a button.

The height-adjustment range is pretty accommodating –  It can adjust to a maximum height of 48″ which is perfect for people who are 6″5 or shorter. Sure, taller people could use this desk (over 6″5) but the standing feature would not be useful. Here is the catch, once you reach a height for someone who is 5″11, the desk becomes very unstable and shaky. This is because telescoping legs don’t create a sufficient amount of overlap necessary to increase stability. Unlike most other sit-stand desks that are very stable at heights over 5″11, the Ikea Bekant is not.

Less metal for the legs = less money to build = cheaper to buy.

The tabletop is made out of a cheap material (what you would expect from Ikea), it is made out of particleboard and has PVC around the edge. To top it off, it is covered with inexpensive veneer coating. This is definitely not as impressive as the luxurious 3D laminate that some sit-stand desks are covered in.

Ikea BekantWhen analyzing a desk, it is very important to take the base into account. If the base of a desk is faulty, it probably means that the whole desk is faulty. The base weighs around 56 lbs, which is pretty light in comparison to most full-fledged sit-stand desks out there on the market. Usually a heavier base is a good indicator of a more stable and durable desk. Whereas a lighter desk may indicate a weaker and less-durable desk.

The Ikea Bekant is offered in a limited amount of colours; birch veneer, black, white, grey, and it can be either paired with a white or black base. The base legs are rounded-off, making the desk a little more aesthetically-appealing. But it’s a give and take, most manufacturers opt to have rectangular legs in order to increase stability – The Ikea Bekant does not.

The Ikea Bekant has a maximum lifting capacity of 150 lbs. In comparison to other electric sit-stand desks, this is a pretty lacklustre display of strength. Most electric desks can lift between 200 and 450 lbs. This weak lifting capacity says something about the Bekant’s motors… In all honesty though, you don’t really need a greater lifting capacity than 150 lbs. But, a desk should easily be able to hold more than that; making us here at Exercise at the Desk very skeptical about the motors that they have installed.

Not Ikea’s Strong Suit?

Ikea Bekant ReviewsMost electric sit-stand desks out there on the market are pretty customizable allowing you to choose from a variety of different tabletop sizes, colours, etc.

The Ikea Bekant Desk is definitely not the most customizable. It is only offered in one size tabletop: 31.5″ x 60″. Therefore the Ikea Bekant desk will take up a pretty big chunk of office real-estate. If you are looking for something smaller or to fit in a tiny space, you are going to have to look elsewhere. There is the option to purchase the base separately from the tabletop; this usually creates problems though, because random tabletops will not fit as well as the Ikea tabletop that was specifically designed for the job.

A lot of other sit-stand desks have telescoping legs which allow you to adjust the width of the desk in order to support a variety of different-sized tabletops. These telescoping legs usually support any width-tabletop in the range between 43″ to 83″.

If you were thinking about turning the Ikea Bekant Desk into a sit-stand-workstation, think again.. There is only about 51.5″ of space between the desk’s legs – this is not nearly enough to fit an office chair and treadmill side-by-side.

Backed By a 10-Year Warranty

You get what you pay for with the Ikea Bekant Desk. Inexpensive purchases usually result in cheap products. Luckily the desk comes with a 10-year warranty (you are probably going to need this).

You are guaranteed a whole-new desk if the Ikea Bekant does, by chance, falter. However, it is not fun when you have to constantly be returning products – it’s just a hassle.

Better Sit-Stand Desk Options

If you are a beginner, than the Ikea Bekant Desk may seem enticing to you; it is cheap, and somewhat effective. However, if there is one thing to take-away from this article, it is this: Quality over affordability. You don’t want to cheap-out when purchasing a sit-stand desk, it will just leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth in the long-run.

You are better off investing more money into a quality product than to cheap-out and half-fast it.

Ikea’s mentality is not fit for the sit/stand desk marketplace. A lot more thought is needed in building a high-quality desk – just check out how much work was put into the Locus Workstation (this desk is a very big exception of course). You cannot just simply slap up a desk and hope it works. Ikea should stick to building simple furniture; dressers, bookshelves, etc.

Sure it’s affordable, but do you really want to go through all that hassle of replacing/returning the product in a couple of years?

In the long run you are better spending a little bit more money. If you are looking for an affordable but effective desk, you may be interested in some of these sit-stand desk alternatives.

  1. Thermodesk Uptown
  2. Thermodesk Elite
  3. Varidesk Pro Desk 60 (offered in different sizes as well)

Ikea Bekant Desk Review – The Verdict

 The Ikea Bekant Desk Review wouldn’t be complete without a final verdict from our experts.

Ikea Bekant Sit StandAt first glimpse, the price of this sit-stand desk might be enticing. This desk is far away from spectacular, it is one of our least favourite desks here at Exercise at the Desk. Sure, you are saving money right off the bat when you purchase this desk – but it definitely will come back to bite you later on. The desk is cheaply made, and therefore it is low-priced. You are better off investing a little more money to ensure you are purchasing a high-quality product.

The Ikea Bekant has many flaws that are outlined above. We recommend taking a look at other sit-stand desk reviews here – you will be happy to find that there are a lot of high-quality products out there.

Hopefully the Ikea Bekant Desk Review was informative

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Ikea Bekant Sit-Stand

Ikea Bekant Sit-Stand



    Ease of use











              • - Somewhat-affordable


              • - Cheaply-made
              • - Unstable for people over 5'11
              • - Cannot adjust size of tabletop
              • - Lifting capacity very low for electric desk

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