How to Lose Weight While Working at an Office

How to lose weight while working at an office

How to Lose Weight While Working at an Office

Losing weight in general is a hard thing to do. Add that to a desk-bound job (such as working at an office all day) and it will become that much harder. Although with this being said, with a little consistency, motivation and determination, a lot can be done! Further down in the article you will learn how to lose weight while working at an office!

Without further ado, lets jump right into it

How to lose weight while working at an office







Six Steps on How to Lose Weight While Working at an Office

  1. Stop Taking Shortcuts
  2. Think of your Office as a Gym
  3. Optimize Your Workplace
  4. Walking is Your Friend
  5. A Little Exercise Never Hurt Nobody
  6. Set Visible Goals


1. Stop Taking Shortcuts

A man once told me “It is the easiest thing to be bad, but it is the hardest thing to be good.”

In life we tend to try and take the easiest way out and find shortcuts whenever we can. I want you to change this habit!

  • Instead of parking very close to the office so that you don’t have to walk as far, park as far away as you can, or walk to work if possible!
  • Instead of taking the elevator every morning, alternate by walking up the stairs some of the days
  • Instead of going out for lunch and ordering take-out, start packing healthy lunches. It will give you more energy throughout the day and you wont have to burn off all of those high calorie fatty meals that you would if you were to eat fast-food.
  • Instead of calling/texting a co-worker/boss, take a nice little walk over to their desk/office


2. Think of Your Office as Your Gym

It is hard to go and exercise after a long day of work, I get it… But you don’t have to go to a gym to get exercise. There are many ways that you can go about getting a good exercise while at the office. People tend to think that they need to lift weights, or run on a treadmill, or just be in the presence of a gym to get exercise. This is a MYTH, there are many other ways!

As a personal trainer, I tend to get my clients to do a lot of work with their own body weight. I do this on-purpose to provide them with a humbling experience, and show them that you can in fact get a great workout with nothing else but your body! I also do this because people tend to make excuses about money, equipment, time, etc.

Be creative! There are many different ways to workout at an office

  • use a desk/table/wall to do pushups
  • use a chair to do leg raises
  • use a desk to dips
  • etc

There is NO excuse!

click here for more ideas on how to exercise at the office!


3. Optimize Your Workplace

Set yourself up for SUCCESS. Preparation is a key factor for increasing the likelihood of success in life. There are many ways that you can optimize your workplace in order to become more active/productive throughout the day.

Listed below will be a few tips/things that you may want to invest in, in order to reduce the amount of sedentary behaviour at work:

  1. Sit-Stand Desk
  2. Ergonomically correct chair or stool
  3. DeskCycle or FitDesk
  4. Area to do a easy/short exercise routine
  5. Treadmill Desk

Losing weight while working at an office










4. Walking is Your Friend

Walking 30 minutes a day can make the world of a difference. Any chance that you get to walk, you should take it. Light intensity exercise is one of the greatest tools when it comes to helping burn fat. If you were to walk 30 minutes a day for a whole month, I guarantee (seriously) that you will lose some weight.

Every 30 to 45 minutes you should make a habit of getting out of your chair or workspace and taking a stroll around the office or to the water fountain, etc.

Take some time to learn about the wondrous benefits of walking for 30 minutes a day by clicking here!


5. A Little Exercise Never Hurt Nobody…

The only way that you are going to l0se weight while working an office job is if you are self-motivated and determined. No-one can exercise for you, and no-one can make it happen except you!

Remember, do not go crazy right off the bat, thats how people get hurt and thats how you deter yourself from working out later on.

Just like anything else, you want to ease into it. Because the truth is, if you are not doing the exercises properly, or are overdoing it at the beginning, you could get hurt.


6. Set Visible Goals

Taking action is the first step. But, if you do not have clear, concise goals, you will never know what you are working towards and you will be wasting energy. In order to be able to lose weight at the office, you are going to have to make clear cut goals. I want you to make sure that these goals are visible to you all throughout the day so that you are constantly reminded of them.

weight loss goals at work

I want you to set three types of goals pertaining to your weight loss regime:

  1. short term goals
  2. medium term goals
  3. long term goals

I want you to set specific dates that you want the goals to be accomplished by.

Remember, that life is not a race, but an adventure. If you stay on track and push to get a little better each and everyday, you will succeed!


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