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Hovr review

Welcome to the Hovr Review.

True: Jobs are increasingly becoming more sedentary, as a result many people are suffering from lack of activity and improper posture.

False: We can’t live a healthy and active lifestyle while working at a desk all day.

But, what is the real culprit here? Is it the lack of activity? Or is it the improper seated position? The Hovr tackles one of the two, it focuses on increasing activity while sitting down at your desk.

Without further adieu, the Hovr Review

Hovr Reviewhovr review

Product Name: Hovr

Reviewed By: Exercise at the Desk

Price: $49 for desk mount, $84 for independent stand

Best Place to Buy: N/A – coming soon

Our Rating: 7 out of 10


Increase Activity, Decrease “Sitting Disease”

One of the main concerns of being desk-bound is the tremendous lack of activity. People who sit for longer periods of time have an increased chance of cardiovascular issues, weight gain, high blood pressure and the list goes on. When we sit, none of our big muscles are firing – such as our leg muscles. As a result, we don’t expend any energy and our metabolism decreases drastically.

The Hovr helps promote unconscious movement, it was engineered to simulate the all-so familiar walking motion. So, as you are sitting at your desk, you can also engage in a nice leisurely walk! Also, if you are a fidgeter, it will help put that extra energy of yours to work.

“It’s like a swing for your feet”

So why is this so important? Well, the body was built to move, not to sit all day long without any kind of movement. It’s a quick and easy alternative to a treadmill desk, without the large lump sum of money that you would have to dish out for a treadmill desk.


How Does the Hovr Work?



Fixing the Root Cause or Nibbling at the Branches?

Surely, the lack of activity is a big problem for those people who work at a desk. Hovr’s main objective is to make it more convenient for the desk-bound warriors to engage in moderate activity throughout the day.  Sometimes it is hard to be conscious about how much activity we are getting throughout the day. That is why the Hovr was created, to help you engage in “unconscious movement while sitting”.

Obesity is at roaring high, and it is partially due to the fact that we are all living more sedentary lives.

hovrWhile the intentions are in the right place, Hovr does not really fix the whole problem. It is not the “lack of activity” that is crippling us – it is the seated posture. Sure, lack of activity is an issue and it does help protect against some of the negative side-effects of sitting. But, what about the physical damage that our body is enduring?

Humans weren’t built to sit for prolonged periods of time – and that’s a fact.

Increasing the amount of activity isn’t going to solve the real issue. The “seated position” is not ergonomically correct and it never will be. The right angle position does a variety of negative things to our body. First of all, the sitting position shortens our hip flexors and  deactivates our glutes, this is just a recipe for a slipped disc and tons of lower back pain.

Also, the sitting position promotes rounded shoulders, improper head positioning, and a harmful typing position – and if you are in a position like this for long enough, get ready to deal with a lot of chronic pain. Sure, you can try and remedy this by adding accessories to the desk, but you are never going to fix the real problem – unless you get out of your chair!


The Price is Right

If you are a person who can’t give up the sitting lifestyle, then yes, we totally recommend investing in a Hovr.

The price is very good, it is only $49 for a desk mount and $84 for the independent stand.

It’s almost just worth it to try it out


Hovr Review – The Verdict

hovr reviewsThe Hovr Review wouldn’t be complete without a final verdict from our experts.

We believe that Hovr has the right intentions; increase activity and reduce the “sitting disease”. If you are a person who isn’t ready to give up the sitting-lifestyle, then we highly recommend investing in the Hovr, it’s cheap and effective.

But, if you are serious about your health, and don’t want to suffer from chronic neck, back, wrist or shoulder pain – we recommend investing in a sit-stand-walk workstation or simply just a sit-stand workstation. Standing may not increase the amount of activity at the desk, but it does promote proper posture (unlike sitting).


If you are gung ho about avoiding the detrimental effects of sitting entirely – we recommend purchasing a sit-stand desk and a Hovr – the best of both worlds!

For information on the best ergonomic workstation out there on the market, click here!

Hopefully the Hovr Review was Informative. Comment Below If You Have Any Questions!



Ease of use









          • - Increases activity
          • - Reduces sedentary behaviour
          • - Increases metabolism
          • - Decreases chances of cardiovascular disease, weight gain, and high blood pressure
          • - Great if you want to remain in a seated position - can use with a sit-stand workstation as well


          • - Ignores the main problem
          • - Doesn't promote ergonomic positioning

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