FitBit Alta Review 2016

What is the FitBit Alta?

Product: FitBit Alta
Price: $130
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My Rating: 8/10

Fitbit Alta Review


What’s It All About? “The Looks”

The FitBit Alta is the newest addition to the FitBit family. Recently they had released the FitBit Blaze which mainly focused on fitness tracking and didn’t have too much style to it.

The FitBit Alta not only looks good, it works great. 

The FitBit Alta is simple but elegant at the same time. It allows you to customize your watch in any way that you want.

You can personalize your watch in any which way, the straps are interchangeable making it easy to customize.

FitBit Alta

It comes in a variety of different colours, you can either choose between a metal or leather option. So unlike all the other FitBit watches that tend to leave rashes, this one will allow you to wear for as long as you want

How Does the FitBit Alta Function Differently?

To start out, the FitBit Alta does not have a heart rate monitor function unlike most of the FitBit products. It does have a display on it that shows incoming notifications from your cell whether that be text messages, calls, calendar notices etc. You can easily swipe through all these option with the tip of your finger!

The FitBit Alta does track your steps, but it does it in a different way! For every hour you are encouraged to accomplish a mini-step goal of 250 steps. If you have not achieved this goal, it lets you know by giving you a vibration 10 minutes prior to the hour!

fitbit alta reviews

It will help you remain active/healthy and encourage you to get off your but and be productive!

The FitBit Alta does have tracking capabilities similar towards the FitBit Surge and Charge. It automatically recognizes if you are doing certain types of activities: biking, elliptical training, walking, and running and other cardio exercises.

Battery life is not the greatest, it lasts up to about five days on one charge, the FitBit charge and other products have greater battery life.

Working out with the FitBit Alta

The FitBit Alta is pretty precise, it allows you precisely track your activity levels and gives you a ball-park measure of how many calories you burnt.

The FitBit Alta records all of your data and then transfers it to the FitBit app. This allows you to see your progress and it also enables you to compete in daily challenges with family or friends!

fitbit alta new

There are usually many complaints when working out with the FitBit products. This band feels great, it holds tight to your wrist but is also very flexible and small at the same time.

Would I Recommend?

The Alta is a great piece of equipment, especially for office workers who spend most of their time at a desk. It helps motivate and reduce the negative effects of sitting for prolonged periods of time.

It is very stylish and functions very well. It is decently priced and well worth the buck. The only downfall that I didn’t like is that it doesn’t track stairs or your heart rate!

I would highly recommend the FitBit Alta, Click here if you are interested!

fitbit alta watch

Tell me what you guys think? Do you think this band is the next big thing?
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  • Evan

    Reply Reply February 4, 2016

    The Fitbit Alta looks awesome man! I am glad to finally see a FitBit that is aesthetically appealing.

    I am constantly checking my phone, so the fact that it sends you notifications when ever you get a text or call is awesome.

    I really like how it will notify if you have been sitting for too long because I tend to spend way to much time on the couch. Would you recommend this product for someone that is new to working out?

    • Dylan

      Reply Reply February 5, 2016

      Hey Evan thanks for the comment, the new Fitbit Alta is sweet because it combines high function with fashion in the same watch. I really do like that it sends notifications right to your phone it is pretty convenient! I would definitely recommend the FitBit Alta generally for people who are new to working out or who just want to keep an eye on their health and fitness. Although it is a great product, if you are really serious about working out, there are many products our there that would do a better job!

      If you have any questions feel free to ask, thanks again

  • Kegan

    Reply Reply February 4, 2016

    Amazing! I really dig that you can change the look of the fitbit anytime you like – you could have a totally new style every month… and it’s still functional!

    The notification setting is really cool too, I can imagine I’d look at my phone a lot less… plus being told I’ve been sedentary too long is an added bonus, I’ve been at my PC for three hours this morning already 😉

    • Dylan

      Reply Reply February 5, 2016

      Hey Kegan thanks for the comment! If you have any questions about the Fitbit Alta feel free to ask!

  • James

    Reply Reply February 4, 2016

    I’ve been looking at getting a fit-bit, so this was quite interesting to read! To be honest, I hadn’t heard of the Alta before reading this, so im glad i didn’t go ahead and buy a standard one! I know you say in the review that the 5 day battery life isnt great, but i think its long enough!


    • Dylan

      Reply Reply February 5, 2016

      Hey James thankyou for the comment. The FitBit Alta was just released a couple of days ago! I would personally recommend this one over all the others because of its cheaper price:)

      If you have any questions feel free to ask

  • Alex

    Reply Reply February 5, 2016

    I never heard about Fitbit before. It seem really interesting and it doesn’t look to be very expensive. Especially with the features it has. I do sit a lot during my week and it seems like this would help me a lot. I don’t have a lot of money right now, but consider me interested. Thank you for a wonderful post.

    • Dylan

      Reply Reply February 6, 2016

      thanks for the comment alex the Fitbit really does make a difference, but it is a little pricey for sure. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask

  • Mishyboo X:-).

    Reply Reply February 5, 2016

    Hi Dylan,

    This is a really useful site, I’m sat here now writing this on my PC and my back hurts! After looking through your website, I’m now sitting up straight! So your website has already done me good!! X:-).

    So many people suffer with back pain because of the amount of time they are sat at computers. A lot of younger people are suffering from it too whilst studying so you will definitely appeal to the younger audience, which I think are sometimes forgotten when we read or hear about back pain sufferers.

    Wish You all the Best In Your Endeavours!

    Thanks For Sharing!

    Mishyboo! X:-).

    • Dylan

      Reply Reply February 6, 2016

      Thanks Mishyboo for the comment! Since jobs are heading that way I figure we might as well learn how to adapt and develop a different way of handling it! If you have any other questions feel free to ask


    Reply Reply February 6, 2016

    Another great post.

    Yes, this piece of tech looks amazing.

    It is portable, easy to use and I can see how anyone looking to be more active and measure/monitor their progression could benefit from this product.

    This was a detailed review written from a positive of integrity.

    I will definitely let people know about this product and your review of it.

    • Dylan

      Reply Reply February 6, 2016

      Hey, thanks for the comment! If you have any questions about the Fitbit Alta feel free to ask me!

  • Tebatso Kekana

    Reply Reply February 6, 2016

    That’s really amazing stuff out there I never thought that piece of digital jewelry would be invented this time soon! I am fascinated by the goal alert, this would definitely be ideal for us office workers. Is it possible to buy the interchangeable strips singularly? Having both leather and metal would do for me, please hit me up on that.

    • Dylan

      Reply Reply February 6, 2016

      Hey Tebasto thanks for the comment! It is a very useful device, and yes you can purchase the interchangeable strips separately but you cant have a half metal, half leather strip! If you have any other questions feel free to ask

  • Brok

    Reply Reply February 8, 2016

    I’ve been looking into getting a fitbit, and actually just saw the super bowl commercial last night and looks like they’ve added a ton of features since I last researched them.

    My online concern with this model is that it does not have a heart rate monitor feature. I probably would want that.

    Is there another model that’s close in price that has the heart rate monitor included?


    • Dylan

      Reply Reply February 9, 2016

      Hey Brok thanks for the comment. The FitBit Alta is a combination of function and fashion which is pretty cool but it doesn’t have all the features that the FitBit surge or FitBit charge do (they are more expensive though).

      Personally I would recommend the FitBit Charge, If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

  • Dylan

    Reply Reply February 8, 2016

    Hey this is a really cool website

    The Fitbit Alta seems like a really awesome product and something that is necessary to monitor activity level. I can def see how it can helps someone who is at a desk all day so they can see how much exercise they need.

    Most people don’t realize how bad sitting around all day with movement can be to your health.

    Thanks for the information.

    • Dylan

      Reply Reply February 9, 2016

      Hey Dylan

      You are spot on couldn’t of said it better myself! Thanks for the comment and if you have any questions feel free to ask

  • cristina

    Reply Reply March 8, 2016

    hi there:)
    I have an app to my cell phone which counts my steps, my distance, calories everything. The problem is that I can’t have my phone in my pocket all the time and when is in the jacket or bag…doesn count,
    So I think this product you talk about is a great idea:))
    thank you for your information :))
    Looking forward to more articles:)

    • admin

      Reply Reply March 9, 2016

      Hey Christina, thanks for the comment! The FitBit Alta is a great product if you can afford it:)

  • Sofia

    Reply Reply June 7, 2016

    Looks great! I would get it if it didn’t cost so much. I think their next product they come out with should be solar powered screen so we don’t have to worry about battery life. It’s such a hassle. Also, they should track heart rate so that we can see how hard we work out and if we reached the maximum heart rate goal. That way we know calories are really being burned.

    • Dylan

      Reply Reply June 10, 2016

      Hey Sofia, thanks for the comment, and you have some great ideas. You are right, a solar-powered fitness watch would be a great idea!


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