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EvoDesk XE

Welcome to the EvoDesk XE Review.

Sitting is slowly becoming obsolete in this day and age. The amount of desk-bound jobs are exponentially increasing.

Even if your job doesn’t revolve around a computer, many people still do take a substantial amount of time out of their day to sit down at a desk. Sitting is just like any other bad habit, sitting has been so engrained into our culture, that it is hard to break this habit. Prolonged sitting has a ton of proven negative physiological side-effects such as; weight gain, slowed-metabolism, increased blood-pressure/risk of cardiovascular disease, and physical side-effects such as; chronic back, neck, shoulder, wrist pain.

Luckily we are slowly progressing as human-beings and now realize that we must make a change. Ergonomic specialists have came up with a few ways to reduce the negative side-effects of sitting. One of the awesome innovative ideas is the sit-stand desk – it promotes activity, corrects posture, and reduces the amount of time spent sitting.

In the EvoDesk XE Review, we will be reviewing EvoDesk’s latest desk, the EvoDesk XE ( which is a desktop-riser) in hopes to provide you with enough information on the product in order for you to make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase. This specific review will not be based off of past/recent experiences because it is fairly new.

Without further adieu, the EvoDesk XE Review

EvoDesk XE Review

Product Name: EvoDesk XEEvoDesk XE

Price: Starting at $379

Best Place to Buy: EvoDesk.com

Lift Type: Electric

Dimensions:  23″ (23” x 27” x .75”), 28″ (28” x 27” x .75”)

Lifting Capacity: 100 lbs

Transit Speed: 1.5 ” per second

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty with option extended warranty

Guarantee: 30-day satisfaction guarantee

User Rating: N/A – new product review


Desktop-Risers are Evolving

EvoDesk XEDesktop-risers are a very popular alternative to full-fledged height-adjustable desks because they are cost-efficient and effective.

The EvoDesk XE is very similar to other EvoDesk products. It is made out of 100% recycled materials, and provides all the same health benefits/ergonomic benefits of a larger electric desk, but instead, it is compact, and cost-efficient.

Like most desktop-risers, the EvoDesk XE has the ability to fit any desk and it can easily transform your existing desk into a full out sit-stand desk.

So whats the difference between this desktop-riser and the countless number of other ones? Well, this desktop-riser functions in a different way. Desktop-risers are usually manually-operated and adjust via hinge mechanisms. The EvoDesk XE is one of the very few desktop-risers that are electrically powered.

Unlike the Varidesk Pro, the EvoDesk does has to be assembled, but this should only take you around 10-15 minutes and it comes with pre-drilled holes to make your life a whole lot easier.

Lets Talk About the Features

The EvoDesk does have some pretty impressive stats.

The EvoDesk XE has an impressive 100 lb lifting capacity, whereas most other desktop risers can only lift up to around 30 lbs.

EvoDesk XEErgonomically, the EvoDesk is pretty solid. Although it doesn’t come with a keyboard tray or monitor mount (two items which are paramount for making a desk more ergonomically-correct), you do have the option to add them on – this will increase the price quite a bit, but it is highly recommended. The EvoDesk XE can accommodate the majority of people, it is able to reach a maximum height of 18.45″.

The desktop-riser adjusts at a speed of 1.5″ per second which is pretty great. However, there is a downside to this, the desk produces sounds up to 60 dB when adjusting – this is decently loud. You don’t have to worry about a coffee-spillage with this desk, it comes equipped with a smooth start/stop mechanism enabling you to avoid any jerky motions of the desk. It also only weighs around 40 lbs so it is fairly easy to move around.

The tabletop comes in a variety of colours and finishes, also you have the option to purchase additional “desk-shields” to provide more protection.

There is a programmable preset mechanism that you can opt to have installed. This is highly recommended because it allows you to adjust to the perfect sitting or standing position at a push of a button.

EvoDesk is definitely trying to change the game. If you are interested in seeing other high-quality desktop risers, you might want to give these a look;

*** Side note: All Desks have their advantages and disadvantages, it is our job to provide you with all of the information regarding the desk in order for you to make an informed decision**

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EvoDesk XE

EvoDesk XE



    Ease of use











              • - Electrically-powered
              • - Promotes correct ergonomic positioning
              • - Increases activity and reduces sedentary behaviour
              • - Increase productivity
              • - Durable
              • - Stable
              • - Easy-to-use
              • - Reduces chances of work-related-muscle-disorder
              • - Very accommodating (both height and desk-wise)


              • - Produces a fair amount of sound when adjusting
              • - Optional add-ons will increase the price quite a bit

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