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EvoDesk Review

EvoDesk Review

There is a lot of research available that talks about the benefits of using standing desks. Turns out that sitting for hours has a negative effect on your body. It raises blood pressure, and causes neck, back, and shoulder pain. With numerous people showing interest in standing desks a lot of manufacturers are trying their hardest to stand out from the crowd.

The EvoDesk’s numerous customizable options is what makes it an exception from the rest of the height-adjustable desks.

Without further adieu, the EvoDesk Review

EvoDesk Review

EvoDesk ReviewProduct Name: EvoDesk

Price: Starting at $599

Best Place to Buy: Evodesk.com

Lift Type: Electric

Dimensions: Adjusts between 30″ x 48″, 30″ x 60″, 30 x 72″

Lifting Capacity: 355 lbs

Transit Speed: 1.5″ / second

Warranty: 5 year warranty

Guarantee: 30-day satisfaction guarantee

User Rating: 8 out of 10


The Quality

One of the things to look for whenever you decide to buy a product is the quality being offered at the price tag a manufacturer is asking for. The manufacturer of the EvoDesk focuses a lot on providing quality to customers.

Evodesk sit stand deskIt is available in 100% recycled wood, natural bamboo, or reclaimed rubberwood. The 100% recycled wood desktop is made to last through the EvoGuard durable and stylish non-VOC seamless coating. While the natural bamboo and rubberwood makes are made durable through 100% solid ultraviolet cured finish which is non-VOC and solvent-free.

The available finishes for EvoGuard include Carbon Black, Polar White, and Slate Grey. Rubberwood and natural bamboo offer the light, medium, and dark UV cured finish. If you are a video game player or developer then it is advised that you go with the EvoGuard finish. This allows the whole surface of the desktop to be used as a mouse pad.

EvoDesk sizeOne size fits all, the frame can adjust to 3 different lengths; 48” (30” x 48” x .75”), 60” (30” x 60” x .75”), and the 72” (30” x 72” x .75”). The product also meets the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB 2) stringent emission standard.


The Design

The EvoDesk is available in numerous designs to meet customer needs. These various designs will cost extra but will make working on the desk all the more comfortable. The desktop designs include the standard Rectangle, Ergo Edge, and the Studio L options. The Ergo Edge design has a concave cutting in the front that brings the body closer to the desk and creates a more comfortable work environment.EvoDesk Sit stand

Two sturdy legs provide stability to the product and allow for the height of the desk to be electronically adjusted. You can easily use the desk while sitting down, and electronically increase the height when you decide to continue working while standing up. It also has comfort edges that help to eliminate nerve pressure and compression fatigue.

The Assembly

EvoDesk AssemblyThe EvoDesk can be quite tricky to assemble. People have reported having issues with misalignment of the pre-drilled screw holes – this could make for a very frustrating assembly.

The manual comes along with the product so make sure to read and follow the instructions. It is also a good idea to have another person around to help you with the assembly if you want things to move at a faster rate. The EvoDesk will come together in about an hour if you have two people working on it.

The Numerous Options

There are a lot of customization options you can choose from in order to make the EvoDesk perfect for you. The Digital Programmable Controller allows users to store four height positions. This will allow you to easily adjust the height of the table to your preference with a single button.

You won’t have to guess the perfect heights ever again. It raises and lowers the desk by 1.5 inches per second.

EvoDeskIf you want you can also go for the ‘Evo Keyboard Platform’. This will provide you with a keyboard platform that promotes more of an ergonomically correct position. When not in use, the keyboard platform can be slid beneath the desk. The keyboard tray has more than enough space to fit any size mouse and keyboard with some space to spare.

The ‘Evo Monitor Arms’ option frees up valuable space on the desk. The monitor arms also help to ease the strain on the eyes. The arms are adjustable and dynamic. It is perfect if you are a video game player or developer. The monitor arms also help provide better ergonomic positioning when using the desk. In any position, you are able to adjust the monitor arms to perfect viewing height in order to reduce the chances of obtaining a strain or work-related muscle disorder.

The clutter of cables can be managed through the ‘Cable Management System’. All of the cords go through the SmallPass opening, run through the custom-made steel tray, and stay managed. No more unsightly cables dangling around for you to worry about. Other options include the EvoDesk Casters, Evo CPU Mount, and the Treadmill System.

***TheEvoDesk can be used as a complete sit-stand-walk workstation aswell

The Noise

If there is one flaw of the EvoDesk, it is the amount of sound that it creates. EvoDesk is very loud, and puts out a whopping 65 decibels. This may be very annoying to some people, especially if you are working within an office (coworkers may get annoyed!).

If you are looking for a desk that is quiet, this desk is not it; instead take a look at the Thermodesk Elite, or the Uprise Desk.

EvoDesk Review – The Verdict

The EvoDesk Review wouldn’t be complete without a final verdict from our experts.

EvoDesk sit stand desksAs of lately, the sit-stand desk market has become very saturated with low-quality products. The EvoDesk however is an anomaly amongst the rest of it’s peers. The EvoDesk has a lot of positives with very few flaws. The one thing that might be a turn-off is the amount of money you have to spend on the custom add-ons (these are what make the desk so great). Also, the EvoDesk isn’t the quietest desk on the market.

The EvoDesk and its numerous customizable options makes it one of the better standing desks available in the market. The EvoDesk is a force to be reckon with. It is durable, effective, ergonomic, stable, and beyond all of that, it gets the job done.

Hopefully the EvoDesk Review was informative

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    Ease of use











              • - Sturdy
              • - Customizable; options to purchase a great amount of add-ons in order to personalize your desk
              • - Effective
              • - Promotes proper ergonomic-positioning
              • - Affordable
              • - Promotes activity
              • - Stable


              • - Loud
              • - Takes a bit of time to assemble
              • - Costs a decent amount to add-on to the desk

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