Ergotron Sit Stand Workstation Review 2016 – Desk Mount

Product: Ergotron Desk Mount
Price: $474.58
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sit stand computer workstation desk mount

Ergotron Sit Stand Workstation –  Desk Mount Review 2016

I personally own one of these desk mounts and I love it. The ability to switch from a sitting position to a standing position (and visa versa) is awesome. You can adjust it to virtually any position that you want depending on your height.

Remember everyone differs in height, in order for your ergotron to be set at the optimal height, you can refer to my other blog by clicking this link!

Nothing is perfect.. Below I will list the pros and cons of the desk mount

ergotron sit stand workstation



  • solidly constructed – would last a lifetime
  • can adjust it depending on your height
  • allows you to sit and stand
  • moves with ease, doesn’t weigh much
  • easy to install
  • monitor and keyboard can be adjusted separately
  • helps minimize the amount of space your workstation takes up


  • can’t tilt the keyboard
  • pricey
  • once you mount it – it’s staying their
  • keyboard tray is actually on an incline a bit – some mouse may slide off

Would I Recommend?

Yes, I would recommend this product, but I would also recommend trying it out first before you make a purchase. It makes for a great addition to the office and wont let you down.

If you have any experience with the ergotron, or have any questions, please feel free to comment below!

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