Ergonomic Sit Stand Workstation – Why We Can’t Just Always Stand

What’s All the Hype About? Standing is the most natural posture that a human can engage in. It does not compromise the normal curvature of the spine. It helps keep the spine erect and allows the body to function at optimal levels (helps the body reach an equilibrium). It can’t be all sunshine and rainbows…

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What is a Fitbit Surge? – FitBit Surge Review 2016

What is a Fitbit Surge? – FitBit Surge Review 2016 Product: FitBit Surge Price: $235.98 = large, $199.89 = small Where to buy the Fitbit Surge: Warranty: 2-years My Rating: 8.5/10 FitBit Surge Review 2016 The FitBit surge is the newest addition to the FitBit family. I personally am a fitness geek and always love trying out…

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Thera Cane Instructions – Fix Neck Pain in 2 Easy Steps

Thera Cane Instructions – Fix Neck Pain Personally, I used to suffer from chronic neck pain as a result of many concussions from playing the beautiful sport of Rugby. It has been a long journey (couple of years)  searching for ways on how to fix neck pain. I would always suffer from tension headaches to…

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How to Stay Active at the Office – Active Workstations

How to Stay Active at the Office The laptop lifestyle that most of us engage in at the office will end up crippling our body if we are not conscious about being active while we work! We have to remember that we should not be chained to our office chairs 8 hours everyday. The office…

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Rumble Roller Deep Tissue Massage Roller Review 2016 – Do Foam Rollers Work?

Product: Rumble Roller Massage Therapy Foam Roller Price: $44.95 Cheapest Place to Buy: My Rating: 7.5/10 Rumble Roller – 2016 Product Review For some, and especially for myself, foam rolling is a love-hate relationship. It hurts me at the beginning, and then I feel amazing after, and so thats why I always come back to…

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What is the Thera Cane? Theracane Massage Tool Review 2016

Product: Thera Cane Self-Massager Price: $29.95 Cheapest Place to Buy: Warranty: 2-year limited My Rating: 8/10  What is the Thera Cane – 2016 Product Review My day would not nearly be as good as it is without the use of the Thera Cane self massager. Everyday I make it a part of my morning routine to use the…

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Carpal Tunnel Caused From Typing?

Exerciseatthedesk  Blog Pictures

Many of us may think carpal tunnel can be caused by repeated use of the keyboard and mouse, yet there has been no studies that approve this belief. Have you ever experienced  Wrist pain during typing Arthritis in hands from typing After continuos hours of typing and clicking  we can experience some negative symptoms that…

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Stretching on the Desk

office desk stretches

After a long day at the desk we put our bodies through a lot of stress and build up a lot of unwanted tension. Sitting, along with being stagnant all day, can add to all the tightness in the body. We  must stretch regularly to avoid looking like this guy.. Our bodies are like a…

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How to Stay Healthy at a Desk Job

Healthy at work

Incorporating a healthy lifestyle into our daily lives is a hard thing to do, especially for those of us who sit down all day at the office. When it comes to our health, it is alright to be a little selfish. It is easy to neglect our health when we are preoccupied by our work. We…

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Proper Sitting Posture at Work

Avoid the Gradual Decline of Posture  The amount of wear and tear our bodies withstand in our lifetime is inconceivable. How our posture looks today is a reflection of all the previous activities and stresses that our bodies have been put under. All this stress effects the condition that our spine are in. If posture…

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