EvoDesk XE Review | Desktop-Riser Evolution

EvoDesk XE

Welcome to the EvoDesk XE Review. Sitting is slowly becoming obsolete in this day and age. The amount of desk-bound jobs are exponentially increasing. Even if your job doesn’t revolve around a computer, many people still do take a substantial amount of time out of their day to sit down at a desk. Sitting is…

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EvoDesk Review | The Evolutionary Sit-Stand Desk

EvoDesk Review

EvoDesk Review There is a lot of research available that talks about the benefits of using standing desks. Turns out that sitting for hours has a negative effect on your body. It raises blood pressure, and causes neck, back, and shoulder pain. With numerous people showing interest in standing desks a lot of manufacturers are…

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Ikea Bekant Desk Review | You Get What You Pay For

Ikea Bekant Desk Review

Welcome to the Ikea Bekant Desk Review Research has been done and the results are in. Sitting still for a prolonged period of time is bad for you, no question about it. Humans were not built to withstand 8-10 hours of sitting-down a day, it’s just unnatural. Sitting has proven to be so destructive that…

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iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Table Review | Laptop Lifestyle

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Table Review

Welcome to the iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Table Review Investing in a laptop table is a good idea if you do a lot of work on your laptop. However, the kind of laptop table you end up buying is what matters when it comes to avoiding shoulder, neck, and back pain. The iCraze Adjustable Vented…

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Variable Balans Review | Work Pain-Free

variable balans review

Welcome to the Variable Balans Review. Calling all desk-bound people, I’m sure all of you have experienced some of the aches and pains that the terrible sitting position brings-about. As humans, we were not meant to sit, it is totally unnatural. Sitting puts unwanted pressure on our lower back, increasing the chances of disc herniations…

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Multitable Mod-e | Multi-Purpose Desk

Multitable mod e

Welcome to the Multitable Mod-e Review The evidence is clear: sitting for a long period of time is harmful. Sitting promotes improper postural positions which cause the body to compensate – inevitably leaving us with physical imbalances and chronic-pain later in life. Also, not only does sitting effect us physically, it can effect our physiology;…

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Rebel Up 2000 | Rebel Against Sitting

Rebel Up 2000

Welcome to the Rebel Up 2000 Review. Standup desks are being preferred over traditional desks where a person has to sit in a chair to use properly. This is because a lot of research is being carried out regarding the negative effects that sitting down has on your body. Sitting down for hours gives your…

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Workrite Solace | “Clamp-on” Your Desk

Workrite solace reviews

Welcome to the Workrite Solace Review The amount of desk-bound jobs are becoming a lot more prevalent in this day and age. Working at a desk doesn’t seem like the most physically demanding job, and that is why it’s so dangerous because it sneaks up on you. It is the cultural norm to SIT and…

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Uprise Desk | Stand Up For Your Health

Uprise Desk

Welcome to the Uprise Desk Review. Research has shed the light on a bunch of the possible negative side-effects of sitting. Sitting is a silent-killer, it doesn’t happen all at once. Sitting promotes improper ergonomic positioning and has been proven to put our bodies at risk for things like; physical degradation, increased blood pressure, decreased…

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Hovr Review | Walk While You Sit

Hovr review

Welcome to the Hovr Review. True: Jobs are increasingly becoming more sedentary, as a result many people are suffering from lack of activity and improper posture. False: We can’t live a healthy and active lifestyle while working at a desk all day. But, what is the real culprit here? Is it the lack of activity?…

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